FREE Gay Fiction: How To Be a Good Gay Bottom; Retired 83 Year Old Priest Becomes Gay Adult Film Star; Ryan Field Books

FREE Gay Fiction: How To Be a Good Gay Bottom

In keeping with my free pride month excerpts, here’s something from my latest, yet to be published novel, How To Be a Good Gay Bottom. I don’t have a cover yet, and I might change the title. This is a romance and the part about being a gay bottom isn’t the main focus of the book. It’s only part of the focus.

This love story is mostly about a young man, Paul, who meets an openly gay politician, Gordon, who is running for governor of his state, and how Paul has to come to terms with the fact that Gordon is in politics. Paul despises politics and the media completely. It’s a huge conflict because he also loves Gordon completely.

Another issue in the book is that Paul is also a gay virgin in the sense that he’s never had anal sex. He’s not only terrified of anal sex, he’s not even sure how to do it. It totally freaks him out.

So while on vacation for a week in Palm Springs, before he even begins a relationship with Gordon, Paul decides to see a sex therapist about his problem with anal sex, and this excerpt is a scene from that chapter. I didn’t have to censor much from this one, and I don’t think there are any spoilers.

You can read the excerpt below. And once again, the title is subject to change. It might become The Governor’s Husband.

Retired 83 Year Old Priest Becomes Gay Adult Film Star

Now here’s something you don’t see every day of the week. This 83 year old former priest not only reinvented himself, it sounds as though he had a damn good time doing it.

Here’s one thing he had to say about making a gay adult film:

 “It was splendid! How could it not be? (I was in) a blessed rural setting, surrounded by a cast and crew of loving, competent, supportive brothers intent on sharing the good news of the healing power of pleasure. What could be more delightful? And, if you’ve seen the video, with the two adorable models performing, what else could be lacking?”

You can read it all in full, here. There’s a video, too. It’s not the adult film, it’s an interview that’s about the adult film and it’s SFW. I think if everyone did things like this, getting older would be so much easier. 

FREE Excerpt: How To Be a Good Gay Bottom

When I went back to my room to shower and change, I called the number of the sex therapist in Palm Springs and asked if there were any appointments that day. He told me he could fit me into his schedule around 10 that same morning, so I took down the address, hung up the phone, and quickly jumped into the shower. I’d been on enough vacations like this to know that once I get settled everything starts to move very quickly and I didn’t want to waste a moment.
About an hour later, I pulled up to the entrance of one of those gated condo communities in North Palm Springs not far from the wind turbines and punched a number code the therapist had given me into the keypad beside the gate. It appeared to be a well landscaped complex, with exotic plants, palm trees, and well maintained lawns. The condos themselves were clustered together in separate two-story buildings, all buildings were identical in pale pink stucco and terracotta tiled roofs. The entire complex had the distinct appearance of a resort, much like the rest of Palm Springs.
Once I pulled through the gate, I stopped and read a large well-written directory next to the stop sign. I was looking for unit 20 in building C, which the sign said was to my right. But as I turned down the road that would lead me to building C I gripped the steering wheel tightly and came to a full stop. On the left side of the road, I saw a naked man carrying a silver folding chair and a green beach towel next to a long row of parking spaces covered with a long carport. To my right I spotted another man with a large round belly in his 50s walking his small dog in a designated pet area. He was naked, too, but the dog was wearing a cute little white T-shirt.
As I started moving forward again, trying hard not to stop and gape at the man with the dog, I spotted a few more people in the distance and they were all naked as well. Apparently, this condo complex was one of those clothing optional places I’d read about in Palm Springs guides. Of course it didn’t bother me, except for the fact that I’d worn a brand new shirt that morning so I’d make a good first impression on the sex therapist. If I had known I’d have worn the same outfit I wore the day before.
When I spotted building C, about halfway down the road, I pulled into a parking space designated for visitors and unfolded from the Escalade. I hadn’t been in Palm Springs very long but one of the things I was starting to really like about it was the fact that it never seemed crowded or too busy. As I crossed to the sidewalk that would lead me to building C, I passed a smiling naked woman in her 40s with breasts down to her naval. She nodded and smiled in my direction, but the rest of the complex seemed almost empty.
Unit 20 was located at the far end of the building, but really not far to walk at all. I could see a huge swimming pool, with spas and a club house, not far from where I was standing and there were a few more naked people lounging around the pool. I turned toward the front door of unit 20 and rang the doorbell. Within moments, a tall, thin naked man in his 30s yanked the door open and said, “You must be Paul John. Please, come inside. I’ve been waiting for you.”
I smiled and walked into the entrance hall. I reached out to shake his hand and said, “And you must be Dion Winston. It’s nice to meet you.” At a closer glance, I noticed his lean naked body was well defined and he obviously followed a regular workout routine. His dark hair was long and bushy, with wisps and waves and tangles, almost like a caveman. His beard was overgrown and just as wild as his hair. And he had a thick flaccid dick hanging between his legs. Although I’d never been attracted to the hipster types, I had to admit he wasn’t bad looking at all.
However, I wasn’t there for a hook up or to fulfill my caveman fantasy. I was there to find out how to be a good gay bottom. “I didn’t know this place was clothing optional,” I said.
“Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that,” he said. “Is that a problem? You can wear clothes if that’s more comfortable for you. There’s no judgment here.”
I smiled and waved him off. “Oh, I’m fine with nudity. That’s the least of my problems. I’ve been going to clothing optional beaches all my life and I have no problem getting naked.”
So he led me into a large great room with an open concept that was living room, kitchen, and dining room all combined. The walls were white, the floors beige tile. The white walls were covered with busy, colorful abstract paintings in all different sizes that gave the room a retro 1970s appeal. One painting in several shades of pink had to be at least 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, but on the wall across from that there were more abstracts in sizes that ranged from 9 inches by 12 to 16 inches by 14. The furniture was a combination of mid-century modern and other contemporary pieces that didn’t really match. It wasn’t one of those perfect places that had been staged for effect like the house we were renting in Warm Sands, but I liked it because it felt so comfortable and real. It was as though it had been decorated by someone’s hippie grandma who’d dropped a little too much acid in the 70s. And in spite of the fact that it was a condo, the ceilings were tall and it felt spacious and open. I’d always lived in a private home and condo living fascinated me.
When we reached an authentic gray mid-century modern sofa he stopped and said, “You can remove your clothes and leave them here if you want, or you don’t have to take them off at all. That’s up to you. I have to go outside to check on a group therapy that’s happening in the garden right now. The guys from a local landscaping company come here about 3 times a month to talk things over and relax. It’s very private and totally discreet.”
“Take your time,” I said. “I’m in no hurry. Should I wait for you in here for our session?” I’d been under the impression this would be a private therapy session, not group therapy.
He looked a little confused. “I thought I mentioned when I said I could fit you in that this was group therapy, not a private session. My private sessions are all booked this week.”
“Oh,” I said. “I must have misunderstood. I’m sorry. Maybe I should leave.”
“You can do that,” Dion said. “Or you can join us outside for group therapy. It might help you relax a little since this is your first time. There’s no charge for this. Everything that happens here is completely private and you can feel free to completely open up about anything. We all respect that. This is really a great group of guys, too. I think you’ll like them and they might be able to offer you a new perspective.”
“If I don’t feel like saying anything can I just sit there and listen?”
“Of course,” he said, with resignation, and then he turned toward an extra wide set of sliding glass doors that led to an outdoor space and disappeared.
After I removed all my clothes and set them on the arm of the sofa, neatly folded so Dion wouldn’t think I was a slob, I crossed to the sliding glass door to see what was happening outside with this group therapy session. Each condo unit had a rather generous, private outdoor space off the living room area, surrounded by a wall that stood about six feet tall. I hadn’t decided I would join them yet and I just wanted to get a glimpse.
I gazed to the right and tilted my head and saw a group of six naked men sitting on outdoor furniture to the right of a very small swimming pool. They were all naked and all sitting on this large L-shaped outdoor sofa, and from what I could see at that angle they were either nodding or smiling about something. It looked harmless and I felt safe. I figured it couldn’t hurt to go outside and join them. Even though I was not about to have anal sex with anyone that day, they all appeared to be good looking, with tanned stocky bodies, but in an unpretentious way.
I opened the door and headed toward where they were sitting, in my bare feet. One tall guy in his late 20s with jet black hair looked up at me and smiled, and then Dion turned around and said, “Welcome. I’m glad you could join us, Paul.”
I took a seat at the end of the sofa next to a nice looking guy with dark hairy legs and Dion introduced everyone. I smiled and nodded at all of them, knowing I’d never remember their names all in one shot. I’ve never been good with names, but I knew I would remember certain physical aspects about them. The guy sitting next to me had sexy hairy legs, the guy next to him had a thick cock, the guy to his left had lighter hair and a reddish beard. On the other side of the L-shaped sofa, there was the tall guy with jet black hair, there was a guy with sexy hair on his chest, and then there was a guy with nice large balls.
As I settled into my seat, still feeling a little awkward about being totally naked in front of all these strange men, I smiled and said, “So you guys are all landscapers?”
While they all nodded, Dion said, “Yes. They actually do this condo complex, plus several others in Palm Springs. That’s how they discovered me.”
I smiled at the guy with the hairy legs next to me. “I see. Is there a focus in this group?”
Dion nodded. “This is a group for straight men who are interested in learning how to masturbate without guilt.”
I blinked. “Huh?”
The tall guy grabbed his dick and said, “We’re learning how to pleasure ourselves freely, so we can ultimately pleasure someone else.”
“Well. I hope it’s okay that I’m here,” I said. “I don’t want to intrude. I’m gay and I don’t want anyone to feel awkward about that.” Even though I’d never had that straight guy fantasy that so many of my friends had, even I had to admit this was almost too good to be true.
The cute guy with the hairy legs sitting next to me reached over and took my hand in his. “There’s no need to feel that way, baby. There are no labels here and we don’t judge. You’re just a man like the rest of us. It’s a pleasurable learning experience for all of us.”
“Indeed.” My first thought was what Richard would think if he could see me now. I doubt he would have approved. Richard was one of those gay men who preferred to spend his time with other gay men, almost exclusively. He probably would have run out of there with his hands flying in the air. However, I didn’t think it could hurt to stay there. I’d always found straight men adorable and comfortable to be with, and I think they felt the same way about me.
“Would you like to talk about why you’re here, Paul?” Dion asked.
“Well, there is a specific reason, but I’ve never actually told anyone. It’s a little embarrassing.” I figured I had nothing to lose. I’d never see any of them again and I did feel like talking about it.
The guy with the large balls grabbed his dick and stroked it a few times. “Anything you say here stays here. This is a safe place just for men, bro, and there’s no judgment.”
I took a deep breath and said, “Okay, here goes. I don’t know how to bottom. But even worse, I’m terrified of being a bottom. I really want to be a good bottom but I just don’t know how. It’s killing me.”
They all tipped their heteronormative heads sideways for a moment, as if waiting for me to explain in more detail, and I had a feeling they didn’t know what I was talking about.
“I’m a gay bottom,” I said. “I’ve never had anal sex, I don’t know how to have anal sex, and I want to learn how to have anal sex and to stop being afraid of having it. It scares me to death.”
The guy with the hairy legs next to me said, “I get it now. I love anal, dude. I do it with the women I date as often as I can. There’s nothing better.”
I flung him a glance. “But that’sbecause you’re straight and you’re the one on top with all the control. I’m the one on the bottom and I don’t know what to expect.”
He laughed. “I see your point.”
The guy with the reddish beard said, “Maybe you’re not a bottom. Maybe you’re really a top.”
I shrugged. “I’ve thought about that, and sometimes I even try to talk myself into believing that. But the truth is I’m a bottom. I know what I want, but I’m terrified to actually do it. It’s veryfrustrating.”

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