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When boutique publisher Riverdale Avenue Books asked me to write a parody on the old story line from A Star Is Born, I took it on because I’ve always wanted to see a gay version. The music business is interesting because it’s always been so homophobic in the sense that you rarely ever see songs titled, “When A Man Loves A Man.” Especially not in the mainstream. And I thought it would be interesting to do a gay erotic romance on one of the most heteronormative stories that ever came out of Hollywood.

I didn’t watch the newest version of A Star Is Born until after I wrote and submitted the book. I didn’t want any of those images in my head. I wanted to do something a little different with all gay characters, and I mean really different. You can see what I mean with the cover and the blurb. The main character, Morton, is not transgender. He’s kind of gender fluid and he identifies as a gay man. I didn’t use gender neutral pronouns because I thought it would confuse readers and take them out of the story line. Even though Morton grew up in drag culture with two gay dads who were drag performers, Morton isn’t really even a drag performer. He’s not like anyone else out there. This is his own personal story and he made his own rules. I don’t have an exact release date for this book yet, but I will post when I get it.

A Starr Is Born Book Description
A Starr Is Born is a gay retake of an old rags to riches trope that’s been reinterpreted many times, but this time it’s totally different with gay main characters, a gay love story, and a gay male POV. It’s partly light-hearted parody and partly sarcasm. It’s also highly erotic and charged with authentic, emotional gay male romance. From the day they meet for the first time until the day their lives change forever, it follows the paths of a handsome, badly-behaving rock star named Harrison Parker and a sexy gender bending performer who is just starting out named Morton Starr.

Morton is so madly in love with his husband, Harrison, he’ll do anything to please him, including overlooking all his self-destructive issues. However, as openly gay Morton gains more fame and success in the mainstream with his popular gay love songs and his unique gender bending image, and Harrison continues to slide downhill, there comes a point where everything has to change. And when that climax finally happens, Morton isn’t certain about anything in his future or his marriage. 

Chapter Three A Starr Is Born   
After the drag performer called attention to the way Harrison had been talking during his act, other people in the club who had turned to see what was going on recognized Harrison. While he smiled and stared at the stage so he could listen to the smooth ballad the drag performer was now singing, he felt their eyes on him the entire time.
It would have been fine if some obnoxious guy hadn’t insisted on taking a selfie with Harrison. People had been staring at him for years and he didn’t mind in the least. He was used to it. But when they crossed the line like the guy who wanted the selfie did it was another story.
The guy sat down at Harrison’s table and spoke with a slurred voice. “Hey buddy,” he said. “Can I get a selfie with you for my wife? She’s never going to believe this.”
Harrison noticed the guy’s eyes were red and he could smell the beer on his breath. He smiled at him and said, “After the show, man. I’d like to listen to this performer right now.”
“I just want one selfie, dude,” the guy said. “It’s only going to take a second.”
Harrison looked at him again and said, “I told you, pal, after the show. Now please stop talking while this nice person is performing. It’s causing a distraction.”
Half the room was staring at Harrison’s table by then. The guy who wanted the selfie started speaking even louder. “Well excuse me, Mr. Rock Star. I’m sorry I disturbed you. All I want is one little selfie and you’re not even humble enough to do that. I guess it’s true what they say about you. That you’re a real dick.”
Harrison felt his face getting warmer, and he reached out to squeeze the table in frustration. This time he looked into the guy’s eyes and said, “Listen, you fucking asshole. I’m trying to watch this show peacefully and you’re ruining it for everyone. Now either shut the fuck up, or take a fucking hike.”
The guy blinked, and then he threw his beer at Harrison. He moved out of the way fast enough so the beer wouldn’t get all over his shirt, but some of it landed on his jeans, and he didn’t like that. Out of sheer instinct, Harrison reached across the table and grabbed the guy by the collar and said, “I said take a hike, dude. I’m not screwing around anymore.”
The guy was about the same age as Harrison, he stood about six feet tall, the same height as Harrison, and he looked to be about 20 or 30 pounds heavier than Harrison. Whether it was the beer or just his basic make up, he didn’t seem to have any filters and he wouldn’t stop talking loudly.
“That’s right. Look at the big bad rock star behaving badly. Look at the dickhead. I guess you’re too good to take a selfie with someone like me.”
Harrison had lost track of the drag performer by then, and he didn’t even realize that the entire room was now staring at his table. He had to concentrate with all his might not to reach over and hit this guy in the mouth. Oh, he wanted to hit him. Nothing would have given him more pleasure that night. But he refrained, with all the self-control he had, and he released the guy’s collar and said, “Look, I don’t want any trouble here. Why don’t you just leave and we’ll forget all about it, man.”
That’s when the guy hoisted his arm back and threw the first punch. He knocked Harrison on the jaw and then reached back to hit him again.
Harrison was faster and he was not about to let anyone hit him that way twice and get away with it. So before the guy’s fist landed on Harrison’s jaw a second time, Harrison lunged forward, hurled himself over the table, and pounced on the guy. As they rolled around on the dirty stone floor, the music stopped, people stood up, and someone turned on all the bright overhead lights. Harrison could see people scrambling around and running in all different directions. He knew they were taking photos and videos that would wind up on social media that would make excellent clickbait. But he couldn’t just sit there and take it. He couldn’t just let someone knock him in the jaw without fighting back. So he continued to roll around on the floor with this guy until a couple of bouncers from the club pulled them apart.
One of the bouncers brought Harrison to the front exit and threw him out the front door, and another bouncer brought the other guy somewhere to the back of the club. Harrison tried to tell the bouncer that he would go peacefully and he didn’t want any trouble, but the bouncer just continued dragging him through the club until he tossed him to the bottom of the steps where he landed flat on his butt beside a black wrought iron fence on the sidewalk.
At least it was near the club’s closing hour so everyone’s night hadn’t been ruined. And no one had called the police so this wouldn’t become one of those over-inflated affairs that mushroom into something 10 times more than what they really are. The worst that could happen would be that he’d wind up trending on social media for a day or two and then this would all disappear. He’d been through worse, and his true fans would probably love it. He’d noticed that he always received more attention when he behaved badly.
As he tried to get up from the sidewalk, a hand reached down to help him and someone said, “Are you okay?”
Harrison looked up and saw the drag performer standing directly in front of him. He took his hand and said, “I think I’m okay. How are you?”
The drag performer hoisted him up with more strength than Harrison had expected and said, “I’m fine, other than the fact that you ruined my entire act. I think that’s the first time people have run out of a room screaming while I was singing. Thanks for that.”
Harrison straightened out his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. “He threw the first punch. Would you rather have me just sit there and allow someone to beat the hell out of me?”
“I’d rather you didn’t fight at all,” the guy said. “I hate violence.”
Harrison noticed that he hadn’t changed his clothes. He was still wearing the tight black mini-dress, the high heels and blond wig. The only thing different now was he was wearing a black leather biker jacket. “Are you a drag queen, or are you transgender? Do you identify as male or female? I want to get it right so I don’t offend you in any way.”
“Not that it’s any of your business,” the guy said. “But I identify as a gay man, and I’m a male drag artist. I’m not transgender. But if I were, I wouldn’t hide it. I’d be proud to admit it. And thank you for asking.”
“It doesn’t matter to me,” Harrison said. “I was just curious, is all. What’s your name?”
“Morton Starr.”
Harrison extended his right hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Morton. I’m Harrison Parker.” He noticed his name had the letters O and R, which was an encouraging sign. In fact, it was the first time Harrison had ever met any guy with an O and an R in his first name.
Morton shook his hand and said, “I know who you are. I recognized you the minute you came in and sat down. I’ve always liked your music.”
Harrison smiled. “Well, thank you, Morton. I really like your music, too. I’ve never heard anyone like you. You have real talent. Your voice is pitch perfect, your range is enviable, and you have the kind of resonance that doesn’t even need to be enhanced.”
“Well, I guess you were listening after all.”
“Of course I was listening,” Harrison said. “But I have to ask you one question. With a voice like yours, why are you doing a drag act? You could go anywhere and sing and perform as a man.”
Morton shrugged and said, “It’s my comfort zone. It’s all I know. You see, I was raised with two gay fathers and both were very big on the drag circuit. That’s why my last name is Starr. They made that up for themselves. Of course they were a lot better than I am doing drag. They knew how to put on the sequins and glitter and work the room better than any two people I’ve ever known. They’re both gone now. If they were still around they’d probably help me more with my make-up and costumes.”
“I’m sorry they’re not around anymore,” Harrison said. “But don’t change a thing. You’re perfect the way you are. I’ve never seen anyone like you, or heard anyone like you, and I think you have a great deal of potential.”
Morton looked down, as if he didn’t know how to take a compliment. “Well, thank you. And now I have to be going. It’s been a long night, I’m tired, and these high heels are killing me.”
As Morton turned to leave, Harrison said, “Where do you live? I’ll take you home.” Then he walked up behind Morton and rested his palm on the small of Morton’s back.
Morton didn’t try to pull away from him, and he made no mention of the way Harrison had touched his back in such a familiar way. “A couple of blocks from here. Not far.”
“Can I walk you there?”
“I guess so,” Morton said. “I’d like that.”
They started walking toward the avenue. Harrison put his arm all the way around him and pulled him closer. “Does this mean you forgive me for what happened in there tonight?”
Even though he was wearing high heels, he was about an inch or two shorter than Harrison. He looked up into his eyes and said, “Not yet, but I’ll think about it. It just means I can’t resist a pushy guy with a deep voice and a beard.”
* * *
  By the time they reached the halfway point to where Morton lived, they were both sweating and out of breath. It started about a block away. Harrison reached down a little lower and gently patted Morton on the butt. He couldn’t resist. It rounded out so nicely, and looked so firm, he had to touch it. It wasn’t the most aggressive move, or the most obvious, but it seemed to affect Morton in the most unusual way.
Instead of smiling or responding to Harrison in the same subtle way, Morton stopped walking in the middle of the block and reached up with both hands to grab Harrison’s face. Then he pulled Harrison’s face toward his and kissed him so hard he had to hold on to Harrison’s shoulders to keep from falling sideways.
They stood there kissing on the sidewalk this way until Morton had to reach back and pull his black mini-dress down. They’d become so involved in kissing neither one of them had realized that Harrison had slid both hands up the back of the black mini-dress dress to grab his buttocks. He wasn’t wearing any underwear either; just a thong. His body was just as firm and smooth and soft as Harrison had imagined it would be. And that made Harrison’s heart beat even faster. He grew so worked up and so aggressive he would have pulled the dress all the way up if Morton hadn’t said, “This is terrible. We’re going to get in trouble. My place isn’t far.”

All Male Naked Yoga Classes

Here’s something about a very creative young man.

Dan Carter is the owner of Danimal Yoga in Washington, D.C., where he recently began leading all-male naked yoga classes geared towards gay and bisexual men.

Here’s more. There are multiple excellent SFW photos, and someone in the comments stated that he attended the classes and felt very comfortable there and he enjoyed it. I think it’s a wonderful idea. 

Reader Reviews: “This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field”

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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