Pride Month: FREE GAY Romance Novel Excerpt The Rescuer; Dallas Gay Bar Tender Who Refused Service To Trans Woman; Ryan Field Books

In support of Pride month, I’m going to be posting excerpts from gay romances I’ve written. This excerpt is a censored version of Chapter 2, from my latest release, “The Rescuer.” It is an erotic romance, but this excerpt is censored because I keep this blog G rated and I don’t want to change that. I cut the entire sex scene. I don’t mind self-censoring if there’s a valid reason. I want this site to remain SFW. I didn’t change a thing in the story line, though. You can check out the entire book, here on Amazon, where you’ll find all the information you need. I’ll be posting more excerpts from other books this month, too. 

After Chet rejected Keith’s marriage proposal, they drove back home that Sunday and stopped seeing each other. He dropped Chet off at his apartment that Sunday night and Chet leaned over to kiss him goodbye on the cheek. He patted Keith’s hand and sent him a condescending gaze. “Well, I guess that’s that. You take care of yourself. I’m sure I’ll see you around from time to time, socially. It can’t be avoided.” Chet was associated with Keith’s brother, Tom, and Keith’s sister-in-law, Delilah.
If it hadn’t been for the comment about disliking animals…especially dogs…Keith might have tried to continue a friendship. But that night Keith just smiled and said, “You take good care of yourself, too. I’ll see you around.”
On Monday morning Keith decided to make a few changes in his life. Even though he didn’t miss Chet as much as he thought he would, and he didn’t actually lose much sleep over breaking up with him, he felt as though time was starting to pass him by. He was only 32 years old, and even he realized that wasn’t ancient. He knew he still had time to do a few things he’d been putting off for years, but he didn’t want to waste a moment of the time he had left.
So he joined a gym that week and started working out six days a week either before or after work. His goal wasn’t to become a professional weight lifter. He only wanted a tighter, firmer body with more defined muscles. He read as much as he could about building his body online, and as the months passed he started to see results. He also went on a low carb diet plan and drank protein shakes every day. He took probiotics, he snacked on hard boiled eggs, and discovered he actually did like salad. Time passed quickly, and a year later, almost to the exact day Chet had turned him down, his T-shirts were tighter and his jeans hugged his buttocks better. He put away his eyeglasses and bought contact lenses. Even though most of the changes he made were physical, he also discovered he enjoyed the internal discipline it took to diet and work out faithfully. But most of all, he realized the one and only thing in this world he could control was his body, and that gave him comfort.
On one Monday morning right after he left the gym, he stopped at his favorite coffee shop on his way to work, and then he made another stop at a local flea market where he knew a vendor who carried a variety of pet supplies. The flea market was only open on Mondays and he had to stop otherwise he would have had to wait another week, and this particular vendor had promised to get him something very special for one of the dogs at his SPCA that had never been adopted. Almost all of the animals that were rescued were re-homed with excellent families, but there were always a few that no one would even consider adopting. And at Keith’s SPCA no animals were ever euthanized. If he couldn’t find a home for them, he took care of them himself. They never had to worry.
He pulled right up to the flea market vendor’s table and parked his twenty year old black Jeep Wrangler sideways. It was illegal to park there but he wasn’t going to stay long. He just had to pick up this one item and he would be on his way to work.
The vendor’s name was Mitch. The instant he spotted Keith he waved and picked up a bag from the table. He was an older man, with a slight paunch and long gray hair, who’d decided to spend his retirement working at flea markets all over the county, specializing in quality pet supplies that he sold at a much lower cost to pet owners. If he didn’t have something at his table, everyone knew he could order it for them. He was one of the last few vendors who were actually easier and cheaper to deal with than ordering from the Internet. He even carried those expensive flea remedies for half the cost of most online retailers. How he managed to do this was something Keith could never figure out, but then again Keith kept a few secrets of his own that he never told anyone.
Keith hopped out of the Jeep and jogged over to Mitch’s table. “You got it,” he said. “I can’t thank you enough for this. I think this is really going to make a huge difference. How much do I owe you?”
Mitch smiled and waved him off. “This one’s on the house. If it works and you want more you can pay me next time. It’s a gift because you take such good care of the animals.”
He always did this and Keith felt terrible about it. “C’mon. Seriously, man. How much? I can’t let you foot the bill for this. You’re in business to make money.”
Mitch put up both hands and said, “I’m in business to keep my customers happy. See if it works and then you can pay me next time. Look at this as a donation to the SPCA.”
Keith shrugged and said, “Thanks, man. I’ll let you know. Have a good week.”
Then Keith turned, jogged back to the jeep, and tapped the horn as he pulled away. He didn’t have time to waste that morning. He’d just picked up something very important and he couldn’t wait to try it out.
A few minutes later, he pulled up to the entrance of a long, narrow gravel road. This particular SPCA wasn’t like any other in the state. In the last ten years, thanks to donors and the help of Keith’s family business, Richardson Homes, Keith had designed most of it himself. The campus consisted of 10 rolling green acres that had once been a working farm, with a white farm house, a red barn, a workshop, and several other outbuildings. The white clapboard farm house had been converted into offices, a small animal clinic, and it housed all the small dogs and cats. They kept the cats in the east end and the dogs in the west. A few other smaller rooms were dedicated just for unusual animals like snakes, birds, and mice. Keith never knew what to expect and sometimes people brought in fawns, foxes, and squirrels. Each animal had a different story and nowhere else to go. Someone once brought in a bear cub, and there was that other time someone found a baby alligator.
Keith drove beyond the farm house and pulled up to a massive red barn that had recently been renovated. Nothing about this SPCA was shabby or run down. Thanks to some excellent funding, and a few secret anonymous donors, Keith was able to keep the entire compound looking more like a manicured theme part than a rescue center. Every building was surrounded by whiskey barrels and containers filled with colorful flowers, well pruned shrubbery with thick mounds of dark mulch, and neatly created walkways with the best pea gravel Keith could find. He wanted everyone who pulled up to this SPCA to feel welcome and happy, and he wanted his animals to be treated as well as they would be treated after someone adopted them.
He climbed out of the Jeep and found Carson unloading large bags of organic dry dog food from the back of the official SPCA pick-up truck. Keith lifted the bag he was carrying and said, “I got that treat for Misty at the flea market this morning. I hope it works.”
Carson sent him a look and frowned. “I wouldn’t count on it, Keith.” It was warm out that morning and Carson had already removed his shirt. He was one of those sexy, scruffy looking guys in his late 30s with just the right amount of hair on his chest and forearms. He wore his jeans low on his waist and his work boots were always soiled. He had a brown beard with flecks of gray, and his brown hair was not cut in any particular style. It was sort of medium length and fell anywhere it wanted.
Keith smiled. “You’ve been working here almost one year and you still haven’t learned that I only believe in positive thinking. I’m going to get through to Misty if it’s the last thing I do, and I think this treat might just do the trick.”
Carson scratched his chest, and then he grabbed his crotch and said, “I’ve got something really positive right here for you. Come and get it.”
Keith smiled. “You’re all sweaty.”
“Just the way you like your men. C’mon, let’s go to the barn.”
Keith smiled, followed him to the barn, and never uttered a word. 

About a half hour later, Keith pulled up his pants and laughed. “No one gets into trouble around here for that. I’ll see you later.” He liked to keep a relaxed atmosphere at his SPCA, and most of the people who worked there did it on a volunteer basis. The more relaxed people were the better it was for the animals. The animals could sense certain emotions, and stress was one of the biggest.
When Carson was gone, Keith put on the rest of his clothes and headed toward the ladder at the other end of the loft. First, he had to use the bathroom in the barn to clean up the mess Carson had made between his legs, and then he had to bring Misty that new surprise he’d picked up at the flea market earlier. He hoped this might be the one thing that brought him closer to Misty, because so far nothing else had worked.

Dallas Gay Bartender Who Refused Service To Trans Woman

I’m just seeing this story for the first time so I don’t know much about it. From what I gather, a gay bartender in Dallas tossed a trans woman out of a bar, and then the bar tender lost his job thanks to backlash and outrage. Now, thanks to social media, the bartender is telling his side of the story on Facebook. 

Young wrote, “On this latest occasion, I asked for her ID. I inspected it and it appeared fake to me. I asked her for any other ID and she told me that was her only one. I then told her that we would not be able to serve her because the ID seemed fake.”

Here’s a link to more. It’s a lot more involved. There’s also a link to his Facebook post. I read it, and I also skimmed over the comments. He seems to be getting nothing but support over there. In fact, most feel sorry for him. 

Reader Reviews: “This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field”

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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