When People Say, "The Gays," It’s Wrong; Is A Gay Hook Up Different From A Bisexual Hook Up? Ryan Field Books

When People Say, “The Gays,” It’s Wrong

This might sound minor to most straight people, but I think it’s huge part of respect for anyone who is gay and falls under the LGBTQ umbrella. I see it all the time on social media, and mostly from people who claim to be the most liberal. “A gay bought me coffee today.” “The gays are celebrating Pride this month.”

Of course it has something to do with context, too. And sometimes people are joking, and not everything is offensive. But looks at it this way. If you referred to any other marginalized group that way, it would sound either racist or insulting. The same applies for gay people. Not “The Gays.”

Here’s a link to an article that goes into more detail. They give a few good examples. They do use Donald Trump as an example, but I want to make it clear that I hear it everywhere. This isn’t about Donald Trump. As I said above, I hear this mostly from those who consider themselves the most liberal. And they don’t even realize how bad it sounds. I don’t even like it when I hear someone say, “The straights.”

The blacks. The Muslims. The gays.
In each sentence, Trump precedes the name of a demographic subgroup with the definite article “the.”

Is A Gay Hook Up Different From A Bisexual Hook Up 

Here’s another one of those Reddit stories where they discuss the difference between hooking up with a gay man or a bisexual man.

I know nothing about this, and this comment below made me pause a little. I never would have assumed this, and frankly I’m not sure if there’s anything to back it up. The comments at the end of this article are worth reading.

“One major difference is that gay guys actually top occasionally,” one Redditor wrote. Another said, “Gay guys are more varied in bed, you’ll find tops, bottoms, vers, and kinky this or kinky that. Bi guys tend to prefer exclusively bottoming while with a guy.”

Here’s the link to more.

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