Calvin Klein Apologizes For Queer-baiting with a Non-Gay Model; Mormon Republican Politician Comes Out As Gay; Ryan Field Books

Calvin Klein Apologizes for Queer-baiting with a Non-Gay Model

I haven’t seen the ad yet, but apparently the Calvin Klein brand has been accused of queer-baiting in an ad and they issued an apology.

I like this one because LGBT rights supporters are calling the brand out for using a model who identifies as heteronormative and not as openly gay. 

This has led to accusations of ‘queerbaiting’ online. The term describes what are essentially marketing gimmicks superficial portrayals of LGBTI culture or relationships which lack any serious nuance.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this happening in the future with ads, books, films, and more. 

Here’s the link. It goes into a lot more detail, and I think Calvin Klein issued an excellent apology. It sounds as though they really do “get” it. Now if we could just get someone from Calvin Klein to explain this to Hollywood and book publishing that would be huge progress.

Mormon Republican Politician Comes Out As Gay

In one of the most conservative parts of the US, a politician named Nathan Ivle just came out via Facebook. I’m not at all surprised either. I’ve been predicting things like this would happen for a long time, and I’m betting there’s even more coming in the future.

“What I have to say isn’t easy for me and may not be taken well by everyone who hears it. I understand that. I just hope you’ll hear what I have to say with the same spirit I want to share it with. There’s no easy way to say this. I might as well just jump up and say it, I’m gay. That’s my reality, and that’s what I need to talk to you about today.”

Good for him. The entire emotional story goes much deeper, and, he’s married to a woman. I think it’s a good example of how many gay men have had to live and function up until recently. And I’m certain there are still many more just like Ivle who have not come out yet. 

Here’s the link. 

Reader Reviews: “This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field”

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Sleepless In San Francisco

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