Taron Egerton Talks About Playing Gay Face Again; Billy Eichner Chases Strangers Again; The Hide Your Erection Bathing Suit For Men

Taron Egerton Talks About Playing Gay Face Again

This is amusing, and sometimes in life you have to have a sense of humor. In what appears to be an attempt to prove that he can play a gay character well, straight actor, Taron Egerton, went to the premiere of Rocketman fully armed with his two gay friends.

‘I have two friends who have come down from Wales who are staying in my flat right at this moment for the premier tomorrow, who are both gay. They’re staying in my spare room. They’re not together, but they’re both friends.’

Here’s the rest. Because what straight male actor with two gay friends from Wales ISN’T an expert on gay men? 

Billy Eichner Chases Strangers Again

I haven’t seen one of these Billy Eichner videos in a while, and I love them. I originally found out about him through his videos. In this video he’s asking random strangers about the return of the Jonas Brothers.

“The measles are back and so are the Jonas brothers,” Eichner says at the top of the episode, “so we’re about to hit the streets and have New Yorkers welcome them back!”

Here’s the link for more. 

The Hide Your Erection Bathing Suit For Men

There is now a bathing suit for men that has the ability to conceal erections, for those awkward times when you’re at the beach and you get bone.

According to Men’s Health, “the suit has a built-in interior lining that helps mask whatever’s going on down there.”

Check out the link, here. There is an entertaining video. They refer to this as “Bonerless Technology.” It’s totally SFW, too.  

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