Arrests At Cuba Gay Pride; Chechnya Resumes ‘Torture and Humiliation’ of Gay Men; The Gay Old Days In the East Village

Arrests At Cuba Gay Pride

There was an unauthorized Pride march in Cuba and as a result gay activists were arrested. From what I gather, this year’s regular Pride march was cancelled by the government, so people decided to hold their own Pride march without permission. That’s something you don’t do in a communist country.

After setting out on Havana’s Paseo del Prado, one of the city’s main boulevards, the marchers came up against a large number of police and state security forces.

Here’s the link to this one. 

Chechyna Resumes ‘Torture and Humiliation’ of Gay Men

According to this source, The Human Rights Watch claims that Chechnya has resumed torturing and detaining men they suspect are gay and bisexual. They interviewed four of the men who were detained.  

While in detention, detainees were starved and given “only limited access to water,” HRW wrote in a report published Wednesday. Gay detainees allegedly had their hair and beards shaved off to identify them and were forced to clean the facilities as “women’s work.”

There’s more here. I’d like to know why we’re not hearing about this everywhere, including the gay presses. This should be the top story for a gay press around the world.

The Gay Old Days In the East Village Walking Tour

I love the East Village. There’s something about it that’s always been comfortable. Of course I don’t remember anything about the gay old days, but I’ve heard a lot of stories from older gay friends. 

Someone named Moe Angelos will be leading a walking tour that talks about what it used to be like in the East Village. 

On Saturday May 18, Angelos is leading a walking tour, “This Used to Be Gay!” through the bars, baths, stores and performance spaces that were essential in building a stronger Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer community.

Here’s more.  I wish I didn’t find out about these things so late. I’d love to do this. 

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