Gay Hollywood: The Story of William Haines; Gay Dating Advice For Younger Self; Controversial Make Up For Men

Gay Hollywood: The Story of Openly Gay William Haines

There is still a good deal of this sort of thing going on in Hollywood. But the story of William Haines is different because he was openly gay during a time when no one would have even thought of doing that. And I use the word gay just for clarity here. Up until the 1970s the word gay had only one meaning and it had nothing to do with same sex relationships. The only word that wasn’t a pejorative to describe men like Haines was homosexual.

The legend holds that Haines was a major box office draw who was fired by Louis B. Mayer for refusing to drop his live-in boyfriend and marry a woman.

Here’s more. From what I gather, they are still telling some closeted gay actors the same thing in Hollywood, and many are still closeted. 

And here’s another link to read more about what happened to William Haines and his partner after Haines quit acting. It’s a moving story. They remained together for the rest of their lives. I’d like to know where the Oscar winning film about William Haines is? And what straight actor will they get to play Haines? 

On December 26, 1973, Haines died from lung cancer in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 73. Soon afterward, Shields took an overdose of sleeping pills. His suicide note read in part, “Goodbye to all of you who have tried so hard to comfort me in my loss of William Haines, whom I have been with since 1926. I now find it impossible to go it alone, I am much too lonely.” 

Gay Dating Advice For Your Younger Self

I really don’t know how relevant this is for everyone because if you’re talking about anyone over 35 it’s hard to give dating advice to your younger self because gay dating was so different back in the day. For most gay men it was more like gay cruising, not dating. There were no hook up apps, and so many were still in the closet that everything was on the down low. But I’m sure this is relevant for some. And, there are some comments that are timeless and can apply to gay men of all ages. 

Some things you just learn with age, and on a recent r/askgaybros Reddit thread, dudes revealed what dating advice they’d tell their younger selves. Their words of wisdom range the gamut from using Grindr to chasing straight guys to cultivating self-confidence and self-worth.

Here’s a link to this one. 

Controversial Make Up For Men

There’s a new company out there that’s now marketing make up specifically for men, and some people aren’t too thrilled about it. I think it’s a wonderful idea. The marketing might be a little misguided for the PC crowd, but the concept is fine. Why can’t men wear make up that’s made just for men? Why can’t men have that choice? Who made that rule? 

‘If females can have products just for women, why can’t men? Our aim is to allow makeup to be gender neutral and to do that we must have male specific brands also,’ the company wrote.

I hate to make broad generalizations, however, it’s always been my experience that the people…male or female…who complain about make up are the people who need it the most. 

You can read more here. 

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