Transgender Teen One of Colorado Shooting Suspects; Man Arrested For Erotic Bumper Sticker; Trans Person Running In EU Elections

Transgender Teen One of Colorado Shooting Suspects

There’s a second suspect in the most recent Colorado shooting whose name is Alec McKinney, but he was born Maya McKinney. Apparently, he was assigned a female gender at birth, and he now identifies as male.

The teen’s lawyers asked that the pronoun “he” be used for their client.

There’s more here, and there’s a photo. 

Man Arrested For Erotic Bumper Sticker

In Florida, a young man was recently arrested for having a bumper sticker on his truck that a cop thought was obscene. It sounds as though the laws for this sort of thing are all over the place down there, and the officer took it upon himself to judge and interpret what is and is not considered obscene.

The cop told the guy he could either remove the sticker, or remove one letter from the sticker. The guy refused.

So instead, the officer took a photo of the sticker as evidence and arrested Webb and charged him with two first-degree misdemeanors for obscenity and resisting arrest.

You can read the rest here. I’ve seen this one trending on social media and it’s created more than a few discussions on free speech. 

Trans Person Running In EU Elections

I don’t know much about how politics works in Europe, but this does sound interesting. In general, LGBT+ people running for public office seems to be happening everywhere. 

In an apparent first for the Conservative party, a trans person is standing in the European Parliamentary elections this year.

Here’s the link, and there’s a photo of her. 

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