Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Peace Deal’ With Chick-fil-a; Seattle’s Boylesque Scene; The Rescuer by Ryan Field

Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Peace Deal’ With Chick-fil-a

I feel a little ridiculous right now posting about something like this, but it’s news and I’m sharing. With all the serious atrocities happening around the world to LGBT people, from Brunei to Chechnya, the last thing I ever thought I would see is someone mention a peace deal between the LGBT community and Chick-fil-a. Maybe that’s because I don’t eat fast food. I’m not sure.

In any event, here’s what Pete Buttigieg wants to do with Chick-fil-a.

However, Buttigieg wants to work towards a world where gay people can eat chicken guilt-free.

He doesn’t approve of their politics, but he does like their chicken. I’m not joking. Here’s the link.

Maybe there’s a political strategy with this one that I’m missing.

Seattle’s Boylesque Scene

Apparently, a new form of burlesque is gaining popularity in Seattle, only this time it’s more erotic and sensual.

Seattle’s “boylesque” performers range along the gender spectrum, but they all put on a provocative show, whether those smiles on the audience’s faces are from laughter or thirst.

You can read more, here. You can check out photos, too. It looks like something I would check out if I lived in Seattle.

After Keith’s boyfriend, Chet, turns down Keith’s ultra-romantic marriage proposal on the beach in Provincetown, MA, Keith is left devastated and confused about what to do next. He begins to question everything, including his career as the director of a unique animal rescue foundation that’s partly SPCA and partly pet hotel.

Keith loves working at the SPCA more than life itself, and he loves the animals as much as the people in his life, but he knows his job just isn’t good enough to convince Chet to marry him. It might be time for him to join the prosperous family business, become an executive like his brother, and give up on his simple dream of re-homing and rescuing animals. 

He winds up finding love and strength in some of the most unlikely places, one of which is with a shy, quirky 3-legged dog named Misty who teaches him the importance of trust and tenacity. Even though he’s surrounded by all the things he loves most, from a mischievous pet monkey to a skunk who thinks she’s a cat, Keith knows he’ll never win Chet back unless he tries working at the family business. There’s only one thing he’s overlooked, and when he finally figures this out he realizes what’s most important to him in this world.

Reader Review: This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like for two young men who fell in love in 1940? Well that’s exactly what happened to young Joe Buddy Barnes and a cowboy drifter named Clay Totten.

Even though he’s great at running his family’s general store and fixing machines, Joe Buddy can’t seem to figure out how to fix his own life. The fact that he lives way up on remote Buddy’s Mountain in Western North Carolina, with two spinster aunts, doesn’t help his situation either. Although his aunts devoted their lives to him, one aunt never got over a long lost love and the other was born a man who always identified as a woman.

Then one hot summer afternoon in 1940 everything changes. While Joe Buddy is swimming in the creek he accidentally meets a tall, dark cowboy from Wyoming named Clay. He’s a drifter who is only passing through North Carolina on his way to Florida, where he plans to enlist in the military.

There’s an instant connection, and Joe Buddy winds up bringing Clay home for supper that night because he feels sorry for him. However, Joe Buddy suspects there’s more to Clay’s story than he’s telling, and he persuades Clay to stick around long enough to find out. As each event unfolds, these two young men move forward in ways that neither one of them ever expected. And as World War II lurks in the not so far off distance, there are some interesting changes coming to Buddy’s Mountain you won’t want to miss.

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