NY Man Caught Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs; Race Car Legend Hurley Haywood Talks About Coming Out at 69; Altered Parts by Ryan Field

NY Man Caught Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs

It seems there’s a new story like this almost every day lately. This time it’s the manager of a tattoo parlor in New York who shouted slurs at a gay couple.

According to Valarezo and Sokolowski, after shouting the antigay slurs at them, Hoque punched Valarezo in the face then chased Sokolowski out of the store, where he punched him as well.

Here’s the rest. According to this, the manager will not be charged with a hate crime. 


Race Car Legend Hurley Haywood Talks About Coming Out at 69

Here’s the story of an older guy who didn’t come out until he was 69 years old, and for valid reasons, too. It’s stories like this that always confirm my belief that there are many more gay men out there who are still in the closet. And they are all in the closet for valid reasons. Coming out is never something that should be taken lightly.

‘I was afraid,’ he told Out. ‘Not necessarily to have that discussion with the industry that I was making my living at, but the fan base.’

You can read it all, here. They mention a new documentary out about his life where he goes into much more detail. I’ll be looking for this one. I’m always telling straight people on social media that gay men are nothing like they’ve been seeing on TV shows like Will and his Grace. But those enlightened straight people, who think they know everything there is about being a gay man, will still school me on what it’s like to be gay anyway. Which, of course, is homophobic and they don’t even realize that. 

Reader Review: his story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

Altered Parts by Ryan Field 

Have you ever wondered what it might have been like for two young men who fell in love in 1940? Well that’s exactly what happened to young Joe Buddy Barnes and a cowboy drifter named Clay Totten.

Even though he’s great at running his family’s general store and fixing machines, Joe Buddy can’t seem to figure out how to fix his own life. The fact that he lives way up on remote Buddy’s Mountain in Western North Carolina, with two spinster aunts, doesn’t help his situation either. Although his aunts devoted their lives to him, one aunt never got over a long lost love and the other was born a man who always identified as a woman.

Then one hot summer afternoon in 1940 everything changes. While Joe Buddy is swimming in the creek he accidentally meets a tall, dark cowboy from Wyoming named Clay. He’s a drifter who is only passing through North Carolina on his way to Florida, where he plans to enlist in the military.

There’s an instant connection, and Joe Buddy winds up bringing Clay home for supper that night because he feels sorry for him. However, Joe Buddy suspects there’s more to Clay’s story than he’s telling, and he persuades Clay to stick around long enough to find out. As each event unfolds, these two young men move forward in ways that neither one of them ever expected. And as World War II lurks in the not so far off distance, there are some interesting changes coming to Buddy’s Mountain you won’t want to miss.

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