TV Show About Gay Men: ‘The Other Two’; More About Pete Buttigieg; More Gay TV: Ryan O’Connell And ‘Special’

TV Show About Gay Men: ‘The Other Two’

I’m very curious about this one. There’s a new TV show on Comedy Central called, The Other Two, that’s being referred to as a sardonic and sincere portrayal about gay men. I know nothing at all about it, but I’m definitely going to check it out.

By making Cary a working actor, a rather niche slice of life, The Other Two also manages to comment not just on a very specific type of gay man, but also on the way Hollywood (mis)understands LGBTQ representation.

You can read a long, full detailed description at this link. There are a few photos, too.

Here’s more about it at Comedy Central. 

More About Pete Buttigieg

I’m going to be posting information about Pete Buttigieg for as long as possible. He’s openly gay, he’s only the second openly gay person to run for President, and he always comes off as grounded and sincere. 

So far, Buttigieg’s message has placed a stronger emphasis on his generation than on his orientation, emphasizing college affordability, increased economic equality, and action on fighting climate change on the campaign trail.

You can read more here. The focus is that Buttigieg isn’t just a gay person running for President. It’s that he’s running for President and he also happens to be gay, which is smart. 

More Gay TV: Ryan O’Connell And Special

Here’s more about Ryan O’Connell and the upcoming Netflix show, Special, that’s focused on the life of a gay disabled man. 

I’m not sure if it’s based on a novel or a memoir that O’Connell wrote. That part is sketchy, because one part of this article states the TV show is based on a memoir and another states it was a novel. However, I looked the book up on Amazon and it’s titled, I’m Special: and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, and in the blurb it states the book is a part “memoir” and part “manifesto.” To me it sounds as if it’s a Roman à clef, but don’t quote me on that. 

In any event, the TV show sounds interesting, and not like anything we’ve seen before. I’ll be checking it out next month.  Here’s the link. 

Fresh Release

Sleepless In San Francisco

Sleepless in San Francisco by [Field, Ryan ]

Reader Reviews:

 I read a lot of Ryan’s books, but really loved this one. The main character reminded me of someone… read it and see.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]
Blissfully Yours

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

Not All Gay Books Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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