Broadway Dancer Who Strangled His Boyfriend Is Sentenced; The First Gay Mayor of San Diego; Growlr Sold for 12 Million; Uncertainty by Ryan Field

Broadway Dancer Who Strangled His Boyfriend Is Sentenced

This is one of those terribly sad, painful stories all the way around. Former Broadway dancer, Marcus Bellamy, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for beating and strangling his boyfriend, Bernardo Almonte, while under the influence of crystal meth.

Almonte’s mother made a heart-wrenching statement in court:

“No human being deserves to die the way you killed my son,” Vargas lamented. “It was inhuman. For no reason. He was taken away and I still don’t know why. This is a question only you can answer for me: Why did you kill my son?”

Here’s a link for more. My only question is why only 20 years?

The First Gay Mayor of San Diego

A California Assemblyman named Todd Gloria wants to be elected as the first gay mayor of San Diego. I see a lot of people complain about these things lately, as if it’s no big deal anymore. But I think it’s still huge news to see openly gay people elected to any public office.

“Todd Gloria will be a mayor who fights for every San Diegan, in every community,” said Equality California chairman Rick Zbur. “Todd has championed civil rights and social justice for the LGBTQ community and worked tirelessly to give all Californians a shot at success.”

You can read the entire story, here. 

Growlr Sold for 12 Million

Here’s another story about a hook up app that was sold for millions of dollars. This time it’s Growlr, which is a hook up app geared toward bears. 

It was purchased by The Meet Group.

‘I’m excited to announce the acquisition of Growlr, which provides a meaningful step into the large same-sex dating market and expands the base of users to whom we can deliver our live video product,’ said Geoff Cook, Chief Executive Officer of The Meet Group in a statement.

Here’s the link. It goes into more detail about Growlr’s history and its founders. 

Amazon Reader Reviews: “Duty or Love? That is the hard choice that Gus’s surviving dad, Henry, is trying to decide. This story revolves around a beautiful family that’s hit some hard times. You hope beyond hope alongside with Gus that Henry will choose love, no matter what.” 

Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

When Gus Baldwin realizes that his gay dad is serious about marrying a much older man for safety and security instead of love, he concocts a plot that he hopes will change his dad’s mind. Even though his other dad has been dead for over a year, Gus wants his surviving dad to find love and happiness someday with a new husband. 

However, their financial situation is about as bad as it gets and they’re on the brink of losing their grand old Victorian home, and everything about their perfect lives is threatened. So Gus winds up putting his own marriage on hold with the guy he’s been in love with since high school. It’s so bad he’s even thinking of quitting college to help support his dad and his younger brother just so his dad won’t have to marry the older man. 

After Gus convinces his dad to take a road trip in their vintage 1950s station wagon to their getaway cabin in the mountains, along with his younger brother, his future husband, and their nineteen year old dog named Special, their lives change in ways none of them ever anticipated. And even though the future is still uncertain in some respects, they discover a few things about themselves on this trip they never could have predicted.

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