Trans Teen Arrested In Egypt; Who’s Derek Wanker?; Frankie Grande After Throuple Break Up; Blissfully Yours by Ryan Field

Trans Teen Arrested In Egypt

It’s not getting any better in Egypt for LGBTQ people. This time it’s trans teens.

An 18 year old trans teen was arrested in her home in Cairo for protesting against the negligence leading to a deadly train crash.

‘We fear that the police will treat her as a man and lock her up in cell of men inmates. We know what gays and trans people go through in detention in Egyptian prisons,’ 

Here’s the rest of the article.  They go into a lot more detail about what could happen to her in prison. 

Who’s Derek Wanker?

If you’re into pop culture, here’s a piece about a new personality that’s just beginning to get some attention. 

In his own words, it’s an explicit ‘bubblegum pink, make-out orgy turned satanic BDSM kiki’ which features adult entertainment star Adam Ramzi…

Here’s a link to more, plus there’s a video. And he explains that his real name isn’t Wanker. I think it’s very good.

Frankie Grande After Throuple Break Up

I posted about Frankie Grande becoming the third party in a gay relationship last fall, which is now considered a ‘throuple.’ At the time, Grande was very happy about becoming the third wheel. However, things have taken a different direction.

“It wasn’t working out anymore,” Grande said shortly after the split, describing the relationship as “complicated.”

I also stated in the first post about Grande that I’ve personally known several people involved in three-way long term relationships, and I’ve never seen one of those three-way relationships last. 

You can read more, here. 

Earl Bradshaw’s first impression of his gay son’s fiance leaves Earl wondering where he went wrong. The fiance, Gabriel, is pushy, scruffy, overbearing, and he refers to Earl as “dad” without even asking for permission. Earl has a feeling deep in his gut that Gabriel is lying about something. So when the entire family travels to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving, Earl makes a point of finding out what Gabriel is hiding.

Abby Bradshaw, Earl’s wife, instantly falls in love with Gabriel’s charm and sexy good looks, and she starts treating him as if he’s her own son. Abby not only wants to support her gay son’s marriage, but she genuinely adores her future son-in-law in spite of Earl’s suspicions.

Baldwin Bradshaw, Earl and Abby’s gay son, is so blissfully in love with Gabriel he can’t see any of his flaws. The only thing Baldwin wants to do is introduce his family to the man he loves and live happily ever after.

But nothing in life is ever perfect, and Baldwin soon finds out that his happily ever after dream might not come true after all. And when a few of these realities finally sink in, nothing about Baldwin’s future is secure. The only thing that can save Baldwin and Gabriel is love through strength, and it’s not going to happen without a few tears along the way.

Blissfully Yours by [Field, Ryan]

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