Only Three Lesbian Bars Remaining In NYC: Cottonelle’s Gay Toilet Paper Ad; Gay Conversion Therapy Ban In Germany; Blissfully Yours by Ryan Field

Only Three Lesbian Bars Remaining In NYC

I think this is just another sign of the times. And I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do to change it. There are so many factors involved, one of which is the Internet. 

A lesbian bar, Bum Bum, in NY just closed down after more than 20 years in business. Up until Bum Bum closed for business recently, there were four lesbian bars still open for business. 

Bum Bum (pronounced ‘boom boom’) Bar opened at 63-14 Roosevelt Avenue in the early 1990s. It saw three generations of LGBTI owners, and is thought to have closed in late 2018.

Here’s the link.  

Is Cottonelle’s Gay Toilet Paper Ad Offensive? 

According to this source, this ad featuring a gay couple is a first for the Cottonelle toilet paper brand. I know I’m supposed to be thrilled by that, at least that what I’m told I should feel. But I’m having a little trouble with this one. I can’t help but wonder if they would do this with any other marginalized group.

The ad is about a nice looking young gay guy meeting his partner’s parents for the first time, and it’s about his anal hygiene. In one of my most recent books, Blissfully Yours, the story line revolves around a young gay man meeting his partner’s parents for the first time and I can assure you, as a gay man, I did NOT mention toilet paper anywhere in the book. It wouldn’t even occur to me. 

Is Cottonelle flagging that they’re proud of queer people for being so fastidious about our anal health? Is this commercial bottom outreach? Do they think our partner’s parents are wondering how well we wipe?

Here’s the link, where you can check out the ad yourselves. Frankly, I’m not sure if they are laughing at us, or with us. But I really would like to see them do this with any other marginalized group out there. I have a feeling that Twitter would explode.

Gay Conversion Therapy Ban In Germany

This is something else that’s been happening on the global front. It’s hard to believe that conversion therapy isn’t banned everywhere, but clearly, it’s not. At least, according to this article, banning conversion therapy is gaining widespread support in Germany. 

Lucas Hawrylak, a 26-year-old student from Berlin, launched a petition in mid-2018 to ban conversion therapy in Germany. To date, he has collected more than 80,000 signatures — 

You can read all of it, here. If you know nothing about conversion therapy, this is an excellent piece with a lot more detail.

Earl Bradshaw’s first impression of his gay son’s fiance leaves Earl wondering where he went wrong. The fiance, Gabriel, is pushy, scruffy, overbearing, and he refers to Earl as “dad” without even asking for permission. Earl has a feeling deep in his gut that Gabriel is lying about something. So when the entire family travels to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving, Earl makes a point of finding out what Gabriel is hiding.

Abby Bradshaw, Earl’s wife, instantly falls in love with Gabriel’s charm and sexy good looks, and she starts treating him as if he’s her own son. Abby not only wants to support her gay son’s marriage, but she genuinely adores her future son-in-law in spite of Earl’s suspicions.

Baldwin Bradshaw, Earl and Abby’s gay son, is so blissfully in love with Gabriel he can’t see any of his flaws. The only thing Baldwin wants to do is introduce his family to the man he loves and live happily ever after.

But nothing in life is ever perfect, and Baldwin soon finds out that his happily ever after dream might not come true after all. And when a few of these realities finally sink in, nothing about Baldwin’s future is secure. The only thing that can save Baldwin and Gabriel is love through strength, and it’s not going to happen without a few tears along the way.

Blissfully Yours by [Field, Ryan]

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