TV Star Matt Dallas Told To Stay In Closet; Male Model’s Alleged Affair with NFL Player; Trans Woman Sues NJ Restaurant; Kendle’s Fire by Ryan Field

TV Star Matt Dallas Told To Stay In Closet

This is why I could never fault any gay man for not coming out of the closet. It’s especially true for gay male actors, but it could be any gay man in any profession.

In 2006, Matt Dallas, who was starring in the ABC Family series, Kyle XY, was told he had to stay in the closet. I remember that TV show vividly, and I remember loving it. It was actually one of the best TV shows out at the time, and that’s mostly because of Matt Dallas.

“I was told to stay in the closet,” he recalls, “not talk about my sexuality, to be on every red carpet with a girl on my arm.”

You can read the entire piece, here. Dallas goes into a lot more detail about this, and about how it’s affected his life.

Male Model’s Alleged Affair with NFL Player

It’s no secret that many gay men in professional sports remain in the closet, for obvious reasons. With that said, everything in this story is alleged, and I’m also not a fan of outing gay men. No gay man in the closet should ever be outed by anyone. 

An amateur male model by the name of Malik Joseph claims he engaged in a romantic relationship with P.J. Hall of the Oakland Raiders, Black Sports Online reports.

Here’s the link to a good deal more

I also want to point out, just for the record, that calling a man gay, even if he’s straight, is NOT slander. It may or may not be true…but either way it’s NOT slander. That implication bothers me as much as outing someone. 

Trans Woman Sues NJ Restaurant

I’ve seen a few stories just like this lately.

A trans woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer, a restaurant in New Jersey, claiming that she was fired because of her gender identity.

You can read this one, here.   I hope there’s a follow up. 

Kendle’s Fire

Reader Reviews:

This is GREAT story!! It’s wonderful in its exploration of sexuality and masculinity. The story is well done and beautifully done. The story flows beautifully and the characters are wonderfully written. 

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan]

Even though Kendle is an openly gay ex-Marine, he’s been questioning his masculinity all of his life. He’s always been what people expect a man to be, in spite of the fact that he’s never been completely comfortable living up to these expectations.

He also has a few secrets. The kind of secrets a man can only talk about with the most intimate people in his life. One of those people is his best friend and part time lover, Dale. And their relationship is not without a few unusual quirks and ironies either, especially when it comes to the way Kendle explains his relationship with Dale to his own parents. 

After a string of bad career decisions and awkward mistakes, it’s not until Kendle meets a young guy named Walter that his life begins to come together. It’s a journey filled with as much joy as heartbreak, with a few bittersweet twists in between. As Kendle opens himself up to new possibilities, he finds himself in the midst of life altering changes that leave him devastated. And there’s a point where he’s not sure he can get through any of it.

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