Rami Malek Tells a Cute Gay Story at SAG Awards; The Straight Couple Who Believe They Invented Poppers; Criminal Investigation of Chechnya

Rami Malek Tells a Cute Gay Story at SAG Awards

Even though Rami Malek, who is straight and played a gay character in a recent film, doesn’t know gay stories from personal experience, he told an adorable gay story to a mostly heteronormative crowd at yet another Hollywood red carpet event, the SAG Awards.

Rami played gay Freddie Mercury in the film, Bohemian Rhapsody, and when he was asked, on the Hollywood red carpet, to tell everyone a cute little gay quip about Mercury, this is how he replied:

There was one moment that I hear [Freddie Mercury] took Princess Diana and disguised her as a man and took her into a bar, just so they could have their own fun moment without anybody else being aware. Now, I don’t know if that’s true, this might be an urban legend.

Well, it doesn’t get any better than that. I didn’t even know that Princess Diana dressed up in gay face. 

Here’s the rest of this gem

The Straight Couple Who Believe They Invented Poppers

I never watch Shark Tank, but I have heard of it.

There’s a straight couple who recently went on Shark Tank with their new invention called ‘Boom Boom.’ It’s a nasal inhaler that leaves you feeling ‘tingly and alive.’ I’m not joking. 

And it gets even better…

The episode actually aired back in October, but it recently went viral after a gay man shared the clip on Twitter along with the caption: “Did Shark Tank Do Poppers???”

Here’s the link to the article and the video. You have to see this video. This is priceless. 

Sidenote: If you don’t know what poppers are, here’s a link for that. For many it’s always been a huge part of gay culture. Not all, but many. And I say that from personal experience. 

Criminal Investigation of Chechnya

On a much more somber note, this story made the rounds today. 

LGBTI activists are now calling for a full criminal investigation with regard to what’s been happening to LGBTI people there. I’ve been posting about the reports of LGBTI people allegedly being tortured and detained for a long time now. 

It’s a Russian activist group called, LGBT Network. 

Igor Kochetkov, Executive Director of the LGBT Network, submitted the complaint to the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Here’s the link. 

Fresh Release

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