Irish Footballer’s X-Rated Video; Two Traits If You’re "Fat-Phobic"; Gay Student From School Where Karen Pence Teaches Speaks Out Now

Irish Footballer’s X-Rated Video

They’re claiming this video has landed the poor guy in “hot water.” I hope not. It’s really not that bad.

There’s a video going around with Northern Ireland’s footballer, Gavin Whyte, playing with his so-called private parts. You have to read the whole story. It’s not like he made a porn film.

“It is totally out of character,” Oxford manager Karl Robinson said in a statement. “Gavin is a quiet, respectful young man who is totally devastated by this: I have rarely heard anyone so remorseful for something that he regrets and knows he shouldn’t have done.”

You can check it out, here. And there’s a link to the actual footage, too. I’d like to know when exactly was it that we all entered the new Victorian Age? This is nothing more than a couple of harmless young guys who had a little too much at the pub. 

Two Traits If You’re Fat Phobic

This article talks about people who may or may not be what’s being termed as, “Fat-Phobic.”

There was a study done at Florida State University’s College of Medicine which they claim identifies two basic personality traits that people who are fat-phobic have in common.

According to this study, if you have high levels of  neuroticism and conscientiousness you’re also more likely to have an irrational fear of “fatness.” 

It goes into a lot more clinical detail, and the article mentions the way gay guys react to overweight guys on hook up apps. 

Here’s the link. You have to read the comments with this one. 

Gay Student From School Where Karen Pence Teaches Speaks Out Now

Last week it was announced that Karen Pence, wife of the Vice-President, took a position teaching art at a school that’s openly known for its homophobia. 

And now a former gay male student of this school is speaking up with his own commentary at Huff Po.

Growing up, we had no clue our school had the policy statements or hiring forms it does. No student was, to my knowledge, ever expelled for being gay. That would never happen, because no student would ever dare come out in the stifling environment of ICS.

That’s interesting, because we could all say basically the same thing about the schools we went to. Things are different now in many schools, but they weren’t that different 10 or more years ago for LGBT kids or teachers in most schools…public or private. 

You can read it in full, here.  I like the way it was written, and the way it ends. 

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