Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Gay Again; Josh Hutcherson and Liam Helmsworth Naked At Berlin Fetish Club; Gay Jewish Owner of Civic Engagement Space Faces Weekly Protests

Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Gay Again

There’s been a lot of discussion about straight actors playing gayface lately. So it’s interesting to see Jake Gyllenhaal playing gayface all over again. Just last week Logan Paul got raked over the Internet for announcing that he plans to “go gay.” Of course I understand why people are outraged by that, but at least Logan Paul is honest about what he’s doing. He may be obtuse, but there’s no hypocrisy there. Logan Paul is not “going gay” to win awards or to garner praise. In other words, you know where you stand with Logan Paul.

According to this article, Jake Gyllenhaal is in a new thriller that will be shown at Sundance, and he’s back to playing gayface as an art critic. They give a short rundown on the story line, and they make a few ha ha jokes about whether or not Gyllenhaal is going to bottom again. 

There’s a list of a few other films that actually do look interesting.

You can read about it here.

And here’s a link to an article about straight actors playing gayface. It’s an interesting read.

If you are openly gay, your sexuality trumps your talent and your career could suffer. Straight actors playing gay, though, are brave, deserving of Oscars.

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Helmsworth Naked At Berlin Fetish Club

Here’s a story about that time Josh Hutcherson and Liam Helmsworth got naked at a Berlin fetish club. Berlin is a great city, known for interesting places like this.

“You have this idea of what like an underground Berlin nightclub would be with no clothing,” he continued. “[That’s] not what the situation was because it was like, geriatric.”

Here’s the rest of the story.  I don’t know about this one. I’ve been to nude beaches where there were people of all ages. No one ever got slammed for being too old or too young, every one was respected regardless of age, and after the first few minutes you don’t even realize you’re naked. I hate to sound elitist, but it sounds as though some people simply don’t belong in fetish clubs in Berlin.

Gay Jewish Owner of Civic Engagement Space Faces Weekly Protests

This story is about the owner of a civic engagement space in San Francisco called Manny’s Cafe. An advocacy group, The Lucy Parsons Project, is protesting Manny’s Cafe, claiming that the owner is a ‘Zionist Gentrifier.’ 

I’m not even going near this one. I don’t want to get it wrong.

Here’s the link. 

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 I read a lot of Ryan’s books, but really loved this one. The main character reminded me of someone… read it and see.

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