Straight Corey Booker Cozies Up To A-List Actress; Protesters Call For Democratic Donor’s Arrest; Ben Whishaw Wants Gay Actors To Play Straight

Straight Corey Booker Cozies Up To A-List Actress Woman

Not too long ago, Corey Booker made it clear that he’s definitely, most certainly, not gay.

And now Sen. Booker is, as they say, getting “cozy” with some A-List Hollywood acting woman, Rosario Dawson. She’s also a Hollywood “activist.”

According to Page Six, Dawson was overheard saying, “I love you,” to Corey Booker, who isn’t gay.

You can read all this exciting news here, about how they are getting cozy together. It’s a real treat.

And here’s the cozy link. 

Protesters Call For Democratic Donor’s Arrest

After a second young black male died in the WeHo home of a wealthy Democratic donor named Ed Buck, protesters are now calling for Buck’s arrest.

According to this publication, a similar incident happened in Buck’s home in July 2017. I remember posting something about it.

Here’s the link. There is a great deal more with this story you should check out yourselves.

Ben Whishaw Wants Gay Actors To Play Straight

The debate about straight actors playing gay face continues.

Ben Whishaw made these comments recently and he seems to believe them to be true.

“I think there needs to be greater equality,” Whishaw said. “I would like to see more gay actors playing straight roles. It needs to be an even playing field for everybody, that would be my ideal. I don’t know how far we’re away from that.”

I know that all sounds good, but I’ll tell him how far we are away from that. When every single gay person in this world can come out, and feel safe about coming out, without a hint of shame or fear or anxiety, we have reached that point. Right now, Ben, we’re not even close.

Here’s the link.  

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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