Killer Chris Watts’ Boyfriend Speaks Publicly; A New Craze: Romansturbation: Record Number of LGBT People Sworn Into Congress

Killer Chris Watts’ Boyfriend Speaks Publicly

A guy named Trent Bolt, 29, who claims to have had an affair with convicted killer Chris Watts for almost a year, is speaking up now.

Bolt claims they met on a hook up app called MeetMe.

It’s a strange and often disturbing story that I’ve been following since last summer.

You can read more about it, here.

A New Craze: Romansturbation and Sologamy

Here’s a new term I’m hearing for the first time: sologamy.

Apparently, sologamy is a new trend with millennials. They don’t mind being single, and they actually marry themselves. There’s even a web site devoted to this where they can get ceremony kits.

Romansturbation is a different term. That’s for millennials who aren’t quite ready to marry themselves.  In short, they create a romantic, sexy setting with candles and rose petals just for themselves. And then they masturbate alone.

You can read all about this one, here. 

Record Number of LGBT People Sworn Into Congress

It’s a total of 8 LGBT people taking their seats, and it’s making US history. This includes an openly bisexual senator in AZ, Kyrsten Sinema. 

I like the fact that we’re being represented this way, and that openly LGBT people are looking out for LGBT interests.

You can read more at this link. They give names and more details, and there’s a quote from Nancy Pelosi.

According to a Tweet I saw earlier today from Hillary Clinton, there was also a record number of women sworn into Congress today as well.

I like to see a balance like this.

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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