Don’t Pay Attention to 2019 Publishing Predictions; Did Grover Drop the F Bomb On Sesame Street; Bird Box Inspires Gay Memes

Don’t Pay Attention to 2019 Publishing Predictions

I came across one of those ambitious author/bloggers this weekend who posted a lot of drivel about publishing predictions for 2019. It’s always drivel.

No one can predict what’s going to happen in publishing in 2019 or any other year.

No one predicted Fifty Shades of Grey and look what happened there. So don’t pay much attention to these posts.

Don’t waste your time, especially if you’re a new author and just starting out. 

They’re never correct and the disingenuous people who write those things are either full of crap or they’re looking for online attention.

Your best bet is to work hard, perfect your craft, and continue to write as much as you possibly can. Write as often as you can and persevere. You can only get better, and that’s fact you can control, it’s not a lame prediction.

Did Grover Drop the F Bomb On Sesame Street

Here’s another one of those silly, and yet interesting, Internet stories.

Does Grover think it’s a f*ckin’ excellent idea, or just an excellent one? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after video of the muppet began circulating online over the weekend.

Here’s the link. You can check it out for yourselves.

Bird Box Inspires Gay Memes

I watched Bird Box on Netflix and I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I found flaws in the plot that didn’t make sense. But overall, it was entertaining and it moved quickly. And when it comes to things like this I’m not that picky.

So this doesn’t surprise me.

The movie debuted on Netflix on December 21 and has quickly become something of a holiday streaming phenomenon. It’s also inspired some pretty amazing memes.

Here’s more. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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