Ireland’s Gay Leader Likes Donald Trump; 80 Year Old Priest Back With Young Boyfriend; Breakthrough In HIV Research

Ireland’s Gay Leader Likes Donald Trump

On the global front, Leo Varadkar is an openly gay leader in Ireland who’s gained a good deal of respect over the past few years.

The Irish prime minister, or Taoiseach, said US President, Donald Trump, is more ‘personable’ than he thought he would be. But he wants to challenge Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, over his discrimination of LGBTI people.

He also has very nice, positive things to say about Hillary Clinton. His comment about how public opinion is swayed by the media is interesting, too. 

Here’s the link. 

80 Year Old Priest Back With Young Boyfriend

I’ve been following this saga since I first saw it. I find it fascinating, in an amusing way.

Back in 2017, the world (or at least the subset of the world that values important matters like these) met Philip Clements, the then-78-year-old former priest who popped the question to his 24-year-old boyfriend, Florin Marin.

Here’s more. The drama continues. 

I linked to a couple of articles about these two here at this link. 

Breakthrough In HIV Research

Here’s some very encouraging news. And you probably will not read about this, or hear about it, from any mainstream news sources. 

French scientists appear to have made not so much a small step but a giant leap in HIV research. In a press release, Paris’s Institut Pasteur announces that researchers have destroyed “reservoir” cells, i.e. infected immune cells. Their findings were published in the Cell Metabolism journal on December 20.

You can read it all, here. 

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