Philadelphia Eagles Fans Go To Gay Leather Bar by Mistake; 9 Queer Christmas Songs; Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Go To Gay Leather Bar by Mistake

This is amusing. During the super bowl last year a group of Philadelphia Eagles fans apparently thought they’d found a bar in Minneapolis devoted to their football team because of the bar’s name, but the bar is really a gay leather bar.

The point is, the large group filled up the bar, which is decidedly not a sports bar devoted to the Eagles, but is instead a gay bar catering to a leather crowd.

Here’s a link. Wait until you see some of the tweets. However, it all turned out very well.

9 Queer Christmas Songs

I haven’t done any Christmas posts this year at all, so here you go.

Let’s face it: Holiday entertainment tends to get a little heteronormative. (Can a homo get a gay subplot in Love Actually or what?) But if you wanna have yourself a queer-y little Christmas, check out the gay-friendly tunes below, some of which certainly land on the naughty list!

You can see them all, here. They’re all pretty good.

Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App

I try to link to stories like these because I don’t see them in the mainstream. And they’re interesting on several different levels.

Apple has removed a religious app from its online store which portrayed being gay as an ‘addiction’, ‘sickness’ and ‘sin’.

Here’s a link.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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