They Make Penises Shrink; Brandon Stansell ‘Hometown’; Stripping to Make Money For Charity

They Make Penises Shrink

According to this article, the chemicals found in non-stick frying pans cause penises to shrink.

And in the latest – and definitely most tangible – investigation into the chemicals’ impact, a team from the University of Padua, Italy, has found that young men who grew up in an area with PFC-contaminated drinking water have significantly smaller penises and less mobile sperm than those who grew up with clean water.

Here’s a link. They explain it in more detail. And it has been pubbed in a reputable medical journal.

Brandon Stansell “Hometown”

I like Brandon Stansell for several reasons. One is he’s an openly gay country singer, and two because he’s damn good. 

The video is inspired by Stansell’s own coming out experience. It depicts an unfortunate conversation with his mother that leads to him out on the street. But with a group of friends supporting him, he discovers the queer rite of passage that is the chosen family.

You can read more about him, here. He gets into what it was like to come out, and there’s a very emotional video about coming out. It’s very good. 

Stripping To Make Money For Charity 

This looks like it was a fun event, and it’s for a worthy cause.

Yes, it was a cold foggy day in San Francisco. But spirits were high as the boys stripped to their underwear and worked up a sweat randomly running around the Castro to the delight of unsuspecting onlookers.

Here’s the link. They raised quite a bit of money, too. The link is mostly about the photos of the guys who participated. The guys seem to be all ages, which is nice to see for a change. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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