Museum Acquires Glory Hole Exhibit; Carson Kressley On Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets; Michael Lucas’s Republican Past;

Museum Acquires Glory Hole Exhibit

I find this fascinating. Partly because I never thought I’d see anything like this in a museum, and partly because I actually think it belongs there.

The Western Australian Museum in Perth, Australia now has a glory hole that was donated by a man named Neil Buckley from Perth. 

Neil Buckley, a man from Perth, donated the door to the museum. The door comes from a train station toilet door. Buckley saved and acquired the door in 1998 when the city redeveloped the building.

Here’s the link to this one, and there’s a photo of the glory hole. Of course there’s controversy about this. But I think it’s part of gay culture and gay history. There was a time when this was the only way gay men could meet or hook up with each other. I think they just have to exhibit it the right way. 

Carson Kressley On Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Tweets

More people are starting to weigh in on the whole Kevin Hart homophobic tweet thing. This time it’s Carson Kressley, and we don’t usually hear much from him.

Our pal Lamar Dawson over at NewNowNext caught up with Kressley on the red carpet at Cyndi Lauper’s Home for the Holidays concert where he asked the former Queer Eye star for his two cents on the whole scandal.

You can read the whole thing, here. The comments with this one are priceless. 

Michael Lucas’s Republican Past

Here’s another story about a high profile gay man who’s trying to update his image by explaining a few things about politics from his past.  I see it a lot lately. 

When interviewer Michael Musto tells Lucas, “Somehow, people perceive you as a gay Republican, and I think that’s one of the reasons some people dislike you,” Lucas responds, “I saw that on the industry blogs. Of course, I was pretty outspoken in the past about my support for Israel and opposition to radical Islam, both issues I used to associate more with the Republican party.”

Here’s a link. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think there are a lot more gay Republicans out there. They just don’t tell anyone for fear of backlash. Once again, the comments are worth checking out. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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