Gay Comedians Speak About Nick Cannon Calling Out Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman; Being Gay and Catholic; Mel Reid Reveals She’s Gay

Gay Comedians Speak About Nick Cannon Calling Out Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman

Here’s an article where gay comedians discuss how they feel about several straight women comedians who are well known for their homophobic tweets and posts on social media. The whole discussion is a result of backlash from the Kevin Hart situation. After Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars because of homophobic tweets he’s made in the past, Nick Cannon called out a few straight women comedians for doing the same.

Louis Virtel said this…

“Sarah has practically gone joke by joke through her old catalog and apologized for material she wouldn’t say now, with specific reasoning,” he tweeted. “She has never been above criticism and it is ridiculous she’s being compared to him.”

You can read the rest here and form your own opinions. I’ve seen straight comedians joke about gay people all my life. And up until now, they always got away with it.

Being Gay and Catholic

I’m gay and Catholic, so I can relate to this one.

As a gay woman who accepts Catholic teaching, I understand the confusion. In more abstract comments, the pope frames gay people as servants of God. But his more direct statements present us as threats, especially in the priesthood or religious orders.

Here’s more. It’s a very good piece.

Mel Reid Reveals She’s Gay

Here’s another uplifting coming out story.

Mel Reid, a six-time Ladies European Tour champion and current LPGA Tour member, revealed she’s gay on Monday, via an announcement of her partnership with the organization Athlete Ally, which advocates for equal access, opportunity, and experience in sports.

You can check this out, here. Her goal is to inspire others to be who they are. Good for her.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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