Ricky Martin and Cultural Appropriation; Male Actors Share #MeToo Stories; David Williams Wants Same Sex Dance Pairing

Ricky Martin and Cultural Appropriation

This weekend I received edits back from my publisher for a book that I wrote about 10 years ago. The publisher wants to re-release the book now, and we’re doing a new cover and we went through the entire book to see if anything had to be revised. There were hardly any changes made, but one of the changes is very interesting. 

The copy editor asked me to change, “Orient,” to “Asia,” because they claim using the term, “The Orient,” is now considered racist by some. It was used in a sentence that states, “On his return from The Orient…” That’s it. There’s nothing else in the book that refers to Asia. I could have written, “On his return from Europe…” and it would have worked. Of course I gave the editor permission to change it to Asia, and I agreed with them about the change, but that showed me just exactly how careful we all have to be nowadays. And how different things are from 10 years ago. Marginalized people are more aware now than ever before. As a gay man I totally understand that, and I’m going to be even more careful.

With that said, Ricky Martin is now facing backlash for cultural appropriation.

The singer posted an Instagram photo from Miami in which he’s wearing a Native American headdress along with some shades. Needless to say, people find it offensive because war bonnets, as they are known, are of great importance in the Native American culture. They’re a high honor earned by the most respected and trusted leaders in the community, and are only to be worn by them. He has since deleted it.

Here’s a link to this one.  I think it’s important to understand why people get offended about these things. I have no problem listening to people. And I’m not perfect. I once wrote a post supporting transgender people, and I referred to transgender people as “transgenders.” Even though I meant no disrespect, someone in the comments pointed this out to me and I never made that mistake again. And they were right, and I’m glad they pointed it out. I learned something.

Male Actors Share #MeToo Stories

This one is a link to a video where 5 male actors list their #MeToo stories.

Here’s the link. 

It’s interesting. It’s not set up like interviews. It’s more of mash up with photos and captions.

The big problem, in general, is that men will rarely admit to being sexually abused for a variety of reasons.

David Williams Wants Same Sex Dance Pairing

It’s disillusioning to see how two men dancing together is still brought up this way. That it’s still a topic. But some things take a long time to change, and men showing any kind of emotion or affection for each other in public is one of them.

David Walliams has said he wants to be in Strictly Come Dancing’s first ever same-sex dance pairing.

Here’s more. According to this piece, most fans seem to be supportive of same sex pairing in dance. However, the BBC allegedly doesn’t have plans to do this any time soon. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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