Social Media Star Drops Facebook For Demonizing Sexuality; Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscars; AfterEllen’s Alleged Transphobic Tweets

Social Media Star Drops Facebook For Demonizing Sexuality

I’ve seen authors who dropped Facebook long before this guy did it. They were not happy with the way Facebook treats LGBT people. They’ve always gone to other social media venues that are relatively obscure, and they’ve tried to get people to follow them. But it never works. Facebook still rules and people don’t follow them. So I’m curious to see if dropping Facebook works out for this guy. Maybe it’s a new trend.

Chris Crocker just deleted his Facebook account because of Facebook’s new guidelines on sexuality.

The social media personality and sometimes adult film star, and, yes, the “Leave Britney alone” guy from 2007, maintains his one million followers on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, as well as 258k Twitter followers.

Here’s the link.

Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscars

I’ve seen many comments on this topic today.

On Wednesday afternoon, comedian Kevin Hart was announced as the host of the upcoming 91st annual Academy Awards. Barely 24 hours later, he stepped down from the gig.

He stepped down because of homophobic comments he made in the past, comments for which he has apologized.

You can check this out, here. There are screen shots of tweets and comments left by readers, too.

AfterEllen’s Alleged Transphobic Tweets

More disturbing transphobic news.

The media company AfterEllen is receiving criticism after posting and retweeting numerous tweets perceived as transphobic.

Here’s a link. I think trans people have it the hardest these days, and it always bothers me when I see things like this.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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