Nude Photos of Extra Large Naked Men; Gay Uber Horror Stories; Trans Person Shot Dead In Detroit;

Nude Artistic Photos of Extra Large Naked Men

I believe this to be SFW. It’s more artistic than anything else, and there’s no full frontal nudity. It’s meant to be a project that promotes positive body images. The photographer is calling it “Arrested Movement.”

‘The majority of their answers were the same: This series wasn’t erotic or exploitive. It was an artistic narrative of self-love and self empowerment, it was something completely out of their comfort zone, and they believed the message behind it could help others, if not just themselves.’

Here’s the link. So far he’s received both positive and some negative feedback. I think it’s wonderful. But I also follow a strict keto diet, I run or hike every morning all year long, and I work hard to stay in shape. And I think that’s wonderful, too. That’s what I like to celebrate. There’s room for everything, and everyone should make their own choices…free of guilt or judgment. 

Gay Uber Horror Stories

These stories are interesting, especially if you’re like me and you don’t use Uber often.

“Do you want to touch it?” 27-year-old Christopher Wayne Jensen allegedly asked the horrified male driver, who quickly pulled over and insisted he exit vehicle.
Here’s more. The other stories are just as unusual.
Trans Person Shot Dead In Detroit
This is about a 35 year old trans person found shot to death in Detroit. As of this moment, they are not treating this as a hate crime. 
Authorities are looking into a claim by a man who was allegedly robbed in the area and fired a self-protection shot. He was unsure who the bullet hit. While both these incidents took place close to each other, police are investigating them separately.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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