Playing Gayface: Taron Egerton On How Gay Feels; "Stop Your Gay Agenda" On Pride Mural; Russia’s Gay Priest

Playing Gayface: Taron Egerton On How Gay Feels

Here’s another story about Taron Egerton playing gayface in a new movie about Elton John. It’s not a rant. It’s just an observation.

They pay him to say things like this:

“I actually think the gay community will be quite surprised by quite how gay it feels. I loved every second if it.

Here’s the link.  Because who knows how “gay it feels” better than someone who’s not even gay.  

“Stop Your Gay Agenda” On Pride Mural

Here’s what LGBTQ people in Texas are dealing with.  

Vandals have defaced a rainbow mural in Texas, writing “stop your gay agenda please” and spray painting a giant “X” across the Pride-themed art installation.

Here’s more. There’s a photo. It really was a beautiful wall before it was defaced with graffiti. I also know there are many gay-friendly cities in Texas, so I don’t think of this as a reflection on the entire state. It could happen anywhere.

Russia’s Gay Priest

Here’s something more positive and uplifting.

At just 22 years old, Aleksandr Khmelyov is already running services as an openly gay priest, and has become a well-known figure in the St. Petersburg’s LGBT and activist communities.

You can check this out, here. It goes into more detail about what it’s like to be gay in Russia. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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