First Nude Paris Restaurant; The Last Mile and the Horror of AIDS; Dolce & Gabanna Founders Public Racism Apology; Barilla Pasta Uses Lesbian Couple

First Nude Paris Restaurant

I’m a big fan of nudity or clothing optional. I love nude beaches, and when we were looking for a condo in Palm Springs a few years ago we seriously considered a nude condo complex in a gated community. So I find this one fascinating. I would love to go.

France already boasts hundreds of beaches, campsites, and spa centers meant to be enjoyed in the nude, and now, the famously clothing-optional country is breaking new ground in naturism. According to local newspaper Le Parisien, the first nude restaurant in Paris opened to the public on Friday—and local naturists are already big fans of the new spot.

Here’s more. For those of you who never went to a nude beach or anywhere clothing optional, the most interesting part of the experience is that once you’re nude for about 15 minutes, you don’t even realize it. It’s not a big deal anymore. I just becomes normal. 

The Last Mile and the Horror of AIDS

Back in the 90s before the Internet really took off, every LGBT person in the Philadelphia area picked up a copy of The Philadelphia Gay News…PGN. It was free in all the gay clubs and gay businesses, including all the gay clubs here in New Hope, PA. It was filled with interesting news items, and many were about AIDS. And that’s how we got most of our information. If it hadn’t been for publications like PGN, we wouldn’t have known anything.

The Last Mile looks back at AIDS even before the movie, Philadelphia, and how things have changed since the Reagan era.

Now Coca-Cola has partnered with the noted anti-AIDS charity (Red) to produce a new video recalling that pre-Philadelphia world, the impact of the film, and how American progress since Reagan (yes, even President George W. Bush became a champion in the fight)  has helped stem the spread of HIV, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Here’s a link. For anyone who isn’t old enough to remember anything about AIDS, it’s worth checking out. 

Dolce & Gabanna Founders Public Racism Apology

They should be apologizing for the prices they charge, too.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have made a 90 second video saying ‘sorry’ in Mandarin.
This is an attempt to salvage their reputation in the world’s most important luxury market.

Here’s the rest. There’s a lot more at the link. I prefer Versace. 

Barilla Pasta Uses Lesbian Couple

This is surprising because not that long ago Guido Barilla said he’d never use a “homosexual” family in an ad.

Barilla gave attendees to the World Pasta Championship boxes of spaghetti with a lesbian couple on the front.
The company, who sponsor the event held in Italy, came under fire for comments made in 2013 against same-sex parents.
You can check that out, here. They mention how the company has been trying to change since that homophobic comment was made. I follow the Keto diet and I don’t even eat pasta, but I’d like to know if they ever apologized. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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