San Diego Pride On Thanksgiving; Coming Out As Gay On Thanksgiving; Gay Thanksgiving Gives Sense of Community

San Diego Pride On Thanksgiving

Here’s some gay Thanksgiving news. For those of you who don’t think some gay people have it more difficult during the holidays, you might want to read this in full.

While I know all too well the hardship that the holidays can bring to our community, I’m also grateful for our resilience. It is a thing of beauty to watch our community come together in support, as we always do, with innovative approaches to friendship, family, and love.

Here’s a link. 

Coming Out As Gay On Thanksgiving

This seems to be a popular topic this year. This article talks about 16 ways to come out to your family on Thanksgiving.

But telling people you’re gay is a deeply personal process that’s different for everyone. There’s no set method or time. You may not be ready to spill the tea for all of Facebook or share your experience in a deeply moving art piece, and that’s okay! Maybe you aren’t the showy type.

You can check this out, here. 

Gay Thanksgiving Gives Sense of Community

Here’s a nice story about an excellent tradition at the University of Maine.

Wilde Stein, the University of Maine’s Queer-Straight Alliance, is celebrating its 45th year on campus. Every year, the group contributes time and hard work to provide a Thanksgiving meal for the LGBTQ community to share together. Wilde Stein started as a small student group and is one of the oldest queer-straight alliances in the country. Shortly after its inception, the group saw the need for an event where students could gather and enjoy Thanksgiving, especially if they weren’t being accepted at home.

You can read it all, here.  I know a lot of gay people who only celebrate with their gay friends because many of them aren’t welcome with family. Yes, that still does happen. So gay people celebrate with their extended gay families. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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