Why He Gave Up Sex; Gay Men In Toxic Relationships; Theresa May Hosts Ugandan President Who Wants LGBT People Jailed

Why He Gave Up Sex

I don’t know what to say about this one. Obviously, it’s about sex.

My recent boundaries–kissing and cuddling with my clothes on–don’t always go over so well on Grindr. The apps have made hooking up so easy, raising everyone’s expectations. We approach each other with laundry lists of requirements and must-do’s that we didn’t carry with us into bars and clubs a decade ago.

Here’s the rest. Sometimes I wonder if people overthink things too much. It’s an interesting topic, but not executed quite the way it could have been.

Gay Men In Toxic Relationships

Now here’s something I have seen before with people I know. In some cases the relationships were so toxic I didn’t know how these people did it.

Say it isn’t so! Are gay men prone to stay in unhealthy relationships out of a lack of options? Do we not even consider whether the grass is greener — because we think some grass is better than none? Welcome to one of the latest debates on Reddit’s /askgaybros forum.

Here’s the link. I know it’s Reddit, but it all sounds like things I’ve seen with gay men that I know personally who have been in toxic relationships. And many can’t figure out how to break away. Some are still together.

Theresa May Hosts Ugandan President Who Wants LGBT People Jailed

Here’s a good example of the way LGBT people have always been treated so poorly. And it’s why I don’t focus on any other issue or topic unless it’s LGBT related.

Theresa May hosted a Ugandan MP at No.10 Downing Street who supports the country’s controversial ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill.
The Prime Minister of the UK welcomed Jovah Kamateeka at a reception for the Women MPs of the World conference, despite her homophobic views, according to The Sunday Times.

Here’s the link to this one. Notice how you’ll see nothing in the mainstream media about this one. Kamateeka has argued that “homosexuality” is “not African.”

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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