Philadelphia’s 1st Out Trans Cop Misgendered In Death; Pro Gamer From London Says He Didn’t Know What the F-Word Meant; Gay Tops and Top Privilege;

Philadelphia’s 1st Out Trans Cop Misgendered In Death

This is kind of mind-blowing to me because I live in New Hope, PA, which is a northern suburb of Philadelphia and I haven’t heard anything about it until now. And I watch the smiling local  news people every night.

It’s a story about Maria Gonzalez, who was Philadelphia’s first out trans cop. She joined the force in the late 60s, and came out as trans in 2004 four years before she retired. She died this year, on October 12, and this is how the ex-wife and daughter buried her.

Gonzalez’s ex-wife Chrissy Hernandez Gonzalez and their daughter Celina Huber organized the funeral services, despite being unsupportive of Gonzalez’s life as a woman. At the funeral, Gonzalez’s remains were in a wooden box decorated with blue and white flowers. A blue ribbon wrapped the flowers. Gonzalez was put to rest next to a metal pendant reading ‘Dad.’ Her PPD awards were displayed, but included her male name.

Sadly, they buried her as a man. But not everyone in her family was happy about this, and it goes on to describe the tension at the funeral with more back story. 

You can read more, here

Pro Gamer From London Says He Didn’t Know What the F-Word Meant

I don’t think anyone is buying this guy’s story.

After using a homophobic slur in a YouTube video, a professional FIFA gamer with more than 250,000 YouTube subscribers found himself banned from FIFA 19 tournaments by EA Sports. And in his apology video, Tassal “Tass” Rushan claims he didn’t know any better because he’s from London.

Here’s the link. There’s a video of his apology. 

Gay Tops and Top Privilege

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s amusing. 

To help paint a clearer picture, we’ve compiled 25 tweets that explain everything one needs to know about being a top.

Here’s more. There are a few comments at the end. Everyone makes it all sound so simple.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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