Men Arrested for Gay Marriage In Tanzania Face Anal Exams; Movie: Boy Erased; Voice Contestant Did Gay Adult Films

Men Arrested for Gay Marriage In Tanzania Face Anal Exams

Here’s more about what’s going on with LGBT people in Tanzania. It’s not good.

Ten men arrested for allegedly conducting a same-sex marriage ceremony on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar are to face a forced anal examination on Friday, activists have told the Guardian.

Here’s more. As usual there are conflicting reports coming out that don’t add up.

But I am curious about one thing. Not all gay men are bottoms, and not all gay men have anal sex. So what is an anal exam going to prove in those cases?

Movie: Boy Erased

I haven’t seen this one, so this isn’t my review. But I figured I’d post something about it in case other people are interested. It’s a film about gay conversion therapy.

Counselors insist not only that same-sex attraction is a choice, they insist that it arises from deep-seated psychological wounds rooted in family dysfunction. In a striking scene, Jared is pushed to facilitate a “cure” by denouncing his own father. 

Here’s the full review. I’ll definitely see this one, eventually. 

Voice Contestant Did Gay Adult Films

I’d rather see people talk about these things openly than hide them…or wait until someone else targets them. Everyone makes choices in life. And everyone has different circumstances.  

In a recent interview, Tyshawn Colquitt — a 23-year-old singer who appeared on the most recent season of NBC’s reality singing competition The Voice — said that he’d previously performed in gay porn to help make ends meet.

Here’s the link. 

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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