Megyn Kelly’s War On NBC; Anti-Gay Candidate’s Kids Say Don’t Vote For Him; Troye Sivan On Gay Conversion Therapy

Megyn Kelly’s War On NBC

Here’s one that’s been making the news lately. I have no great love for Megyn Kelly, but I have no great love for NBC either. If they can do this to Kelly, they can do this to anyone. Big networks and film studios have been screwing people over for years, literally and figuratively. 

Now, the Daily Mail claims those negotiations have turned into “all out war”, reporting that Kelly “is looking to get her $69M payout PLUS a $10M bonus in exit package” after she claims NBC “destroyed her career.”
Here’s the rest. I hope they post follow ups. 

Anti-Gay Candidate’s Kids Say Don’t Vote For Him

This kind of reminds me of the Reagan kids…the kids from his wife, Nancy. Although Reagan was never this bad. 

Steve West is a racist, antigay, anti-Semitic, xenophobic Republican known for wearing wigs and fake beards and calling himself Jack Justice on YouTube. He’s also currently running for a seat in Missouri House District 15.
Now, as election day looms nearer, his two adult children are urging voters not to vote for their father.
Here’s the link to read more. They give a few rough examples of what he says and does. 
Troye Sivan On Gay Conversion Therapy
I don’t think there’s a gay man alive who would disagree with this, including me. Sivan talks about what it was like to come out, and how he might have reacted if someone had mentioned conversion therapy to him before he came out. 
‘If I was 14 and somebody came to me and said, “Hey, that thing that you’re so worried about, that you’re losing sleep over, I can fix that. I can make it all okay and make it go away.” I think before I was the gay, strutting boy that I am now, I think I would have said yes. I think I would have gone.’
Here’s the link. I’m starting to really like him more and more. He talks about things that really get to the heart of the matter. 

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