5 Racist Gay Men; Garrett Clayton On Coming Out Publicly; A Hollywood Person Pressured Garrett Clayton To Stay In the Closet

5 Racist Gay Men

Here’s a story about 5 gay men who are being called our for their racism.

 There seems to be no shortage of gay men acting racist on social media. Sometimes they apologize for their behavior afterwards. Often they don’t.

You can read all about them, here. I see it myself from time to time. The comments are very interesting with this one. 

Garrett Clayton On Coming Out Publicly

This is about how difficult it is to come out, especially if you’re in the public eye. Yes, even nowadays LGBT people are still agonizing over coming out, with good reason, too. But I do think things like this make it easier for other gay people who want to come out.  

Making a Difference: Clayton has said the heavy subject matter of his new film Reach–which includes themes of bullying, suicide, depression, and isolation–prompted him to finally go public about his own relationship and sexuality. “Reach deals with some very serious and timely topics that have affected me personally, and have likely influenced many of your lives as well,” he explains in the post.

Here’s the link. I’ve always maintained that even though it’s hard to come out, I’ve never met anyone who did come out who regretted doing it. 

A Hollywood Person Pressured Garrett Clayton To Stay In the Closet 

Here’s more on Garrett Clayton. It’s been in the news lately, and I think it’s highly significant with respect to the way Hollywood has always treated LGBT people. I also think this happens to many other LGBT people in Hollywood, but so far not many have spoken about it. 

This person in Hollywood asked Clayton if he was gay, and Clayton responded with honesty. And this is the response he received from this Hollywood person. 

‘They looked at me and said, “No one wants to fuck the gay guy, they want to go shopping with him, so we’re going to have to figure this out.”

You can bet that’s not the first time someone ever said that. 

You can read the rest of it, here. It’s worth taking the time. The line about shopping reminds me of the way they treated gay men on the TV show, Sex In the City. Or the way Chelsea Handler still treats gay men. Or even PC romance book bloggers. I see THAT all the time.  

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