Megyn Kelly’s Blackface Comments; Cory Michael Smith Openly Queer Actor In AIDS Film by Yen Tan: 1985; Cory Michael Smith In AIDS Film 1985

Megyn Kelly’s Blackface Comments

Whenever there’s a discussion about how it’s perfectly fine for a straight actor to play gay, even while there are thousands of openly gay actors getting passed over for those limited gay parts in films and on TV, someone always defends it by saying “it’s acting.” I think that’s because straight people don’t understand that being gay is not about sexuality. It’s about being part of a marginalized group with a culture and a history.

So I sometimes reply that kind of “it’s acting” logic doesn’t work, because if it did work Meryl Streep would be able to play the lead in the life story of Rosa Parks. And we all know that wouldn’t work, and Meryl Streep would never be stupid enough to do that.

Apparently, Megyn Kelly thought otherwise. And there were consequences.

The 47-year-old has been dropped by her agency and is out of a job after racist comments she made defending white people who wear blackface on her show earlier this week.

Here’s the link. Now if we can only get the world to see this works the same for appropriating LGBT people, too. I’m seeing many younger LGBT people start to question it. 

Cory Michael Smith Openly Queer Actor In AIDS Film by Yen Tan: 1985

Here’s a film I can’t wait to see. We don’t get many of them and I’m so glad someone is doing it. Times were so different then. I wasn’t even old enough to completely understand the magnitude of it all, but I remember hearing people talk about it all the time. 

Shot in gritty black & white, 1985 tells the story of a 20-something gay man who returns to his hometown to tell his family he’s dying of AIDS after the death of his boyfriend. The drama stars Cory Michael Smith (of Gotham), Emmy-winner Michael Chiklis, Oscar-nominee Virginia Madsen and Jamie Chung (of Gifted).

Here’s the link. And, Cory Michael Smith who is an openly queer actor stars in the film. You can read more about him below in this post. And I’ll be posting more about 1985 as I see it. 

Cory Michael Smith In AIDS Film 1985

Here’s some background on Cory Michael Smith. 

 Smith is promoting his role as Adrian, a closeted gay New Yorker with AIDS who returns to his Texas hometown during the early days of the epidemic, in out filmmaker Yen Tan’s 1985. The black-and-white drama, which premiered earlier this month at SXSW Festival, is adapted from Tan’s 2016 short of the same name.

Here’s more. Smith also plays The Riddler on the Fox hit, Gotham.  

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