Crowd Shocked When Really Cute Man Swims Naked with Sharks; Newest Craze: Drag Wrestling; Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men

Crowd Shocked When Really Cute Man Swims Naked with Sharks

This has been causing quite an uproar. 

A really cute guy jumped into a tank of sharks up in Toronto at one of those touristy family Aquarium places, and the cute guy was stark naked. 

Weaver jumped in the shark tank around 10:30pm, swimming around before aquarium security asked him to leave the tank. Weaver initially complied, but then jumped back in on the main floor of the aquarium before a stunned and giggling crowd. He then exited the water, got dressed, and left the aquarium.

Here’s the rest. There’s a SFW video, and unfortunately you can’t really see anything offensive. 

Newest Craze: Drag Wrestling

I’ve heard a few people talking about this lately, and some think it might catch on. 

New York’s original and longest running Drag Cabaret Lucky Cheng’s celebrated 25 years with a multi-faceted Drag Extravaganza – Aerialist Drag, Opera, Dance and the launch of pro drag wrestling. 

Here’s more.  This place, Lucky Cheng’s, is also a huge part of gay history and gay culture. I went there once a while ago. 

Straight Men Who Have Sex With Men

It’s interesting how often gay men have sex with straight men, but it’s never actually talked about…for obvious reasons. Many of these straight men are married to women, and most don’t identify as gay. This article gets into the entire topic, and it does a decent job exploring the possibilities regarding why straight men do it. 

“The majority of straight men who are going to a glory hole are going because they don’t want to see who is on the other side. It is about just getting off.
“Is it that easy to find another girl who is just willing to give a blow job and say nothing more? Guys know what other guys are like. Guys just want to (get off). It sounds harsh, but it’s true.”
You can read more here. I can’t find anything I disagree with. I’ve heard a good deal of these stories myself, first hand. There’s also another factor to consider. Many gay men are highly attracted to straight men, and they like being pursued by straight men. 

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

In print or e-book


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