Harry Potter’s Dumbledore IS VERY Gay Says Ezra Miller; Anti-Gay Wedding Videographers and LGBT Rights; Cuban Churches Unite Against Same Sex Marriage

Harry Potter’s Dumbledore IS VERY Gay Says Ezra Miller

In full disclosure, I can only link to this without commenting because I have never read anything in the Harry Potter series, and I’ve never been able to sit through one single movie.

With that said, there’s been a lot of discussion on social media about Dumbledore being gay, and Ezra Miller doesn’t think it’s warranted.

It’s a funny idea to me that every form of representation has to look the same. For me, personally, I find Dumbledore’s queerness extremely explicit in this film.

He goes on to rant about people not thinking for themselves, and being influenced by social media. But someone in the comments said this…

Not to be a contrarian, but Dumbledores gayness is extremely subtle and never demonstrated. 

Sorry Ezra, but that comment is mostly what I’ve been seeing on social media, too. 

You can check it all out here. Frankly, and I’m speaking in general not about Harry Potter, I think we’re (gay people) just starting to realize certain things

Anti-Gay Wedding Videographers and LGBT Rights

This sounds like something we should all be watching. This is the first time I’ve heard about it. 

The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to definitively rule on whether religious business owners can break anti-discrimination laws by refusing to serve LGBTQ people on the basis of their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” But a case currently in front of the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could easily give the U.S. Supreme Court another chance to get it right (or horribly wrong).

You can read it all, here, where there’s a lot more back story and explanation.

Cuban Churches Unite Against Same Sex Marriage

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. It’s still going on here in the US with these religious right zealots. 

Evangelical Cuban churches are uniting against a proposed amendment to the constitution that will allow same-sex marriage.

Here’s the link. Sounds like these good Christians are really pushing hard against this, and it’s all in the name of the bible. 

And you wonder why we get mad about things like Harry Potter’s Dumbledore. Seriously! 

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