How Excellent Are Self-Lubricating Condoms; "Rebecca" Phnom Penh Drag Queen; Trump Nominates Openly Gay Judge;

How Excellent Are Self-Lubricating Condoms

Any time someone claims that anal sex hurts, I usually tell them that’s because they’re doing it all wrong. And it’s almost always because they’re not lubricating correctly. So when I saw this I had to share it.

Revolutionary self-lubricating condoms that reduce infection rates and last more than 1,000 thrusts are coming soon, according to scientists.
Without enough lubrication, friction can cause condoms to become ineffective. But these new latex condoms have a special, durable coating and become slippery upon touch.
Here’s the rest. It’s not every day you get the promise of 1,000 thrusts. 

“Rebecca” Phnom Penh Drag Queen

Here’s an uplifting story about how gay bars still play a huge role in the lives of many LGBT people.

At Blue Chilli, he met Preab ‘Henry’ Thearith, a young Cambodian whose story touched him so deeply that he decided to make a video about his stardom at the bar, where he transforms into ‘Rebecca’ and performs the song that reflects his credo: “This is me.”

Here’s the link, and there’s a video. I remember the very tail end of drag culture and gay bars here in New Hope, PA in the late 90s. I had one very good friend who was a drag performer and his story was interesting because he was openly gay to his parents and they accepted him, however, he was never openly gay about being a drag performer because he knew they wouldn’t accept that. So he found his own drag “family” at the local New Hope gay bars. 

Trump Nominates Openly Gay Judge

I normally hate posting anything political, but this involves an openly gay man, and that’s why I’m doing it. That’s always been my focus here on this web site: LGBT related stories and issues. 

Continuing his mission of stacking the nation’s courts with conservative judges, President Donald Trump announced a new wave of judicial appointments last week, including Patrick J. Bumatay, an openly gay conservative federal prosecutor nominated to become a federal judge.

Here’s the link. It goes on to mention that some Democrats aren’t too thrilled about this. 

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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