Trevor Donovan Saves A Puppy’s Life; Watch TV Host Comes Out; Adam and Jerome From The Voice

Trevor Donovan Saves A Puppy’s Life

I started following Donovan by accident through social media about 5 years ago. He’s starred in a lot of Hallmark Romance movies, and I guess the algorithms decided to show him in my feeds. And I’m glad I started following. He attracts a nice community of online people who stick around for the long haul. I’ve also noticed a lot of my followers who are romance readers follow him, too.

Right now Donovan is in Lake Havasu, AZ shooting a new film and he’s been posting videos and photos all month from behind the scenes. If you’re not familiar with Lake Havasu, it’s one of the most beautiful, unusual lakes in the US. Tony and I pass through there on our way to Palm Springs. It’s the last stretch of a 40 hour road trip, and what I consider the beginning of the desert west. And to see a lake in the middle of the desert is really something spectacular.

In any event, while shooting the new film last week, Donovan wound up doing something unexpected. He saved someone’s puppy from drowning.

The pup had apparently swam out too far, and was tiring as it tried to get back. Trevor busted out his best butterfly stroke and helped the dog back to shore.

You can read more about it, here, plus more about the upcoming film, Hot Water. It sounds like a high concept film, and I haven’t seen too many of those lately. 

Watch TV Host Comes Out

I have to admit I don’t know who this is. But I’m glad he came out.

Viewers of the October 11 broadcast of the popular Univision morning show Despierta America got more than they bargained for. The host of the show used the occasion–which happened to coincide with National Coming Out Day–to open up about his own sexuality.

Here’s the rest. There are some pics, too.

Adam and Jerome From The Voice

Here’s an interview with the two gay contestants on The Voice we’ve been hearing about all week. 

 The story just got better when the men brought their families onto the stage, where they mixed and cheered with a comfort level of diversity that is America’s future, assuming we survive the current era.

Here’s a link. I like this kind of thing because it shows younger gay men there’s just as much out there for them as there is for straight people. And they need to know that, as much now as ever before. 

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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