New Case of PrEP Failure; Gay Marriage Ban Fails In Romania; Openly Gay College Football Players;

New Case of PrEP Failure

I’ve been reading a lot about PrEP in the last few years, and I know a few people who are on the regimen. One in particular who sticks to the PrEP regimen daily was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Kaposi Sarcoma. For those of you unfamiliar with KS, it’s usually found in older people or people with full blown AIDS. The person I know doesn’t fall into any of the usual categories. And according to this person I know, he’s not the only one who’s been diagnosed with this rare form of KS. No one knows for certain how they got KS. 

Doctors have diagnosed a San Francisco man on PrEP with HIV.
The case marks only the third documented occasion in the United States in which the widely-prescribed and lauded health regimen to prevent HIV infection has failed. The announcement came at IDWeek, a conference for members of the Infectious Diseases Society for America.

Here’s the rest.  They give more statistics, and I guess we can only hope we’re getting all the information there is. 

Gay Marriage Ban Fails In Romania

This isn’t all that encouraging for same sex couples in Romania, and the marriage ban didn’t fail because voters care so much about gay people. But it’s interesting from a political POV to see how we’re treated and how we are used.

In Romania, however, voters didn’t buy the diversion. Despite, unusually, being allowed to vote for two days, they ignored the referendum; fewer than 21 percent turned out, well under the 30 percent required for a valid vote. This doesn’t mean Romanians have suddenly turned pro-gay-marriage; according to polls, they are strongly against same-sex marriage regardless of political affiliation. Their boycott of the vote was a protest against the government’s attempt to use a hot-button issue to stave off discontent.

Here’s the rest. It goes into a lot more detail about same sex marriage in other places as well. A few people commented at the end with some very strong opinions.

Openly Gay College Football Players

I think this is a good example that we’re making progress. And that the old Hollywood Will and Grace days might finally be coming to an end.

For years, the stereotype held that an openly gay football player would cause a locker room distraction and be an ongoing story. The fact that these out players have gotten relatively little attention outside of their initial coming out stories shows this distraction idea was just a myth. Their teammates and coaches have long gotten past the novelty aspect and these players get no special attention, which is how it should be.

Here’s more. It’s a good piece. 

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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