8 Gay Actors Who Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America; More Racial Issues On Dating Apps; Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha

8 Gay Actors Who Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America

Here’s a real novelty we don’t read about often. Chris Evans won’t be playing Captain America anymore. And here are a few gay suggestions for the future…

Marvel’s loss, however, could be LGBT geeks’ gain… if producers replace Evans with an actor who is, ahem, not so frustratingly straight. And yes, we have ideas!

Here’s more. I think gay people are more than eager to see more openly gay actors getting roles in the mainstream. One suggestion is Matt Bomer. But they’re all pretty good.

More Racial Issues On Dating Apps

Here’s another piece about dating apps and race. It seems to be an ongoing issue.

I recently reached out to a hot black guy on Grindr who didn’t want me back. No answer = not interested. Got it. Since I rarely make the first move on dating apps, the wordless rejection stung.
But I recovered quickly and didn’t try to goad him into responding.

Here’s the rest. As is usually the case with pieces like this, the readers did leave comments for this one.

Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha

Here’s something positive on the global front for a change. There’s a male geisha in Japan named Roland, and he’s doing very well.

The 26-year-old began working at host clubs, where people meet real-life Geishas, at age 18. This career path came after he dropped out of a prestigious Tokyo University because he couldn’t imagine working a low-paying corporate job for the rest of his life.

You can check it out, here. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. It’s worth the read.

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