NYC Gay Bar and Racism; Jake Choi Is Sexually Fluid; A Tinder-like App For Trans People: TRANSR

NYC Gay Bar and Racism

Here’s a story about something that happened at a gay bar in NYC.

Lopez sparked a huge backlash after describing a flyer for “Manster”–a drag night hosted by popular queen Honey Davenport–as “like we’re promoting black night and I don’t like to get into black rink night people cool get the wrong idea and is not good for the businesses.”

Here’s the rest. The comments are interesting. 

Jake Choi Is Sexually Fluid

Here’s another one who’s claiming to be sexually fluid. Looks more like a promotional piece to me, but he’s damn cute.

Choi, who used to bartend at gay parties before getting his big break in Hollywood, says it wasn’t until he played a gay man in the 2015 film Front Cover that he finally made any clear determinations about his sexual orientation.

Here’s the link. You should really check out the comments with this. It’s a good discussion. 

A Tinder-like App For Trans People: TRANSR

Here’s something I’m sure many will be thrilled to see. It’s a dating/hook up app designed for trans people. I think it’s the first of its kind. 

‘We were inspired to create TRANSDR since Tinder started banning transgender women and Craigslist removed its personals,’ Robert told GSN via email.

You can read the rest, here. 

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving With the In-laws by [Field, Ryan]

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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