Miami Beach A Gay Paradise; Anti-Gay Persecution In Chechnya; Catholic Minister Fired For Liking A Gay Marriage On Facebook

Miami Beach A Gay Paradise

I can remember back in the 90s when South Beach started gaining popularity with the gay community. It was THE place to go. Madonna was there, and so was Versace. My own brother has always gone there. He’s owned homes, and he still does a good deal of business there. But it has changed a little, just like every other place where there was once a huge gay presence.

It’s true, back in the 90’s and 2000’s there more than double the number of gay bars in South Beach. For whatever the reason, likely a combination of being priced out of the city and apps like Grindr discouraging young queers from going out, a number of Miami Beach gay bars have shut down in the past decade.  

Here’s the rest. I’m not familiar with anything in Florida. I prefer Palm Springs, CA and the desert. But the article says there are still plenty of things for gay people to do.

Anti-Gay Persecution In Chechnya

We only get bits and pieces of what’s happening to gay people in Chechnya, so whenever I see something I link to it. This is what’s happening with gay women. I just wish everyone else linked to these articles, too.

Last winter, four young women from this small community were caught, in the basement of the local university, drinking and smoking weed. The police took them into custody. For women to be drinking and smoking in Chechnya was reason enough for their arrest and, likely, for the disgrace that would follow, but in their cases things were going to get even worse. 

The rest is here. It’s an excellent link to The New Yorker.

Catholic Minister Fired For Liking A Gay Marriage On Facebook

I guess they’re policing Facebook status updates now, too.

Keith Kozak was apparently fired from his position as a Catholic minister in Cleveland, Ohio after he liked a photo of gay couple friends on Facebook who were celebrating their five-year anniversary. He also has shared photos in the past of himself attending same-sex weddings of friends. 

Here’s more. From what I gather, a Catholic minister isn’t a priest. It’s not a rank of clergy but they do certain things for the church. If you’re curious, check out the link. I don’t want to get it wrong. And the point behind this is that this poor guy was fired for just liking something on Facebook. 

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