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8 Gay Actors Who Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America; More Racial Issues On Dating Apps; Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha

8 Gay Actors Who Could Replace Chris Evans As Captain America

Here’s a real novelty we don’t read about often. Chris Evans won’t be playing Captain America anymore. And here are a few gay suggestions for the future…

Marvel’s loss, however, could be LGBT geeks’ gain… if producers replace Evans with an actor who is, ahem, not so frustratingly straight. And yes, we have ideas!

Here’s more. I think gay people are more than eager to see more openly gay actors getting roles in the mainstream. One suggestion is Matt Bomer. But they’re all pretty good.

More Racial Issues On Dating Apps

Here’s another piece about dating apps and race. It seems to be an ongoing issue.

I recently reached out to a hot black guy on Grindr who didn’t want me back. No answer = not interested. Got it. Since I rarely make the first move on dating apps, the wordless rejection stung.
But I recovered quickly and didn’t try to goad him into responding.

Here’s the rest. As is usually the case with pieces like this, the readers did leave comments for this one.

Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha

Here’s something positive on the global front for a change. There’s a male geisha in Japan named Roland, and he’s doing very well.

The 26-year-old began working at host clubs, where people meet real-life Geishas, at age 18. This career path came after he dropped out of a prestigious Tokyo University because he couldn’t imagine working a low-paying corporate job for the rest of his life.

You can check it out, here. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. It’s worth the read.

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When They Call Lindsey Graham Gay; Gay Couple Audition For The Voice; NYC LGBT Icon Ms Columbia Found Dead

When They Call Lindsey Graham Gay

This has been happening a lot lately with straight people, and if you google it you’ll find all kinds of articles. They’ve been joking about Lindsey Graham being gay. But it could be anyone.

There’s a problem with this way of thinking, and someone should tell them we don’t appreciate it.

It’s a form of gay shaming. They use gay as a pejorative, with lame jokes, at our expense. And they’re sending out the wrong message to the world.

Kate McKinnon impersonated Sen. Lindsey Graham — and in doing so, included jokes that referenced longstanding rumors about his sexual orientation.

Here’s a link where you can read the rest. There’s nothing wrong with having strong political opinions and calling out politicians you don’t like, but don’t gay shame. You wouldn’t want anyone straight shaming you. And we could.

Gay Couple Audition For The Voice

This is one of the most uplifting news items I’ve seen all week.

A gay couple, Adam and Jerome, recently auditioned for The Voice.

Armed with tight microphone choreography and smooth harmony, the couple sailed through their blind audition on The Voice with a cover of The Spinners’ “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”.

Here’s more. There’s a video, too. They’re excellent.

NYC LGBT Icon Ms Columbia Found Dead

I’ve heard of her, but I never actually saw her in person.

The beloved figure from Jackson Heights, Queens was found dead in the waters near Jacob Riis Park on Wednesday, 3 October.
Police say no foul play is suspected, though the cause of death is yet to be determined.
You can read more, here. There’s some interesting back story about how she came to the US, and why she came. 

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Bette Midler’s Racist Tweet; 12-Man Out In Public Gay Sex Scene In Public Restroom Leaves Grocer Stunned; Matthew Shepard Legacy

Bette Midler’s Racist Tweet

I saw this myself last night on Twitter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I had to keep re-reading it to see if it was real. At first I thought it might be a parody account.

Unfortunately, it was Bette Midler.


I’m not going to post her tweet here. It still bothers me to see it. It’s the kind of thing that never gets better. But you can read more about it at this link. There are also shots of tweets in reply to her original tweet.

12-Man Out In Public Gay Sex Scene In Public Restroom Leaves Grocer Stunned

I don’t know what to say about this one. A young guy went into a public restroom with his 6 year old nephew and stumbled upon a real life gay public sex scene.

The incident happened in an area called The Mound, an artificial hill in central Edinburgh. The 32-year-old grocer, who was with his six-year-old nephew, walked into the restroom and saw one man “crouched down at another’s groin” while another ten or so guys watched and pleasured themselves.

All I can say is not all gay people do this.

Here’s the link.

Matthew Shepard Legacy

Here’s a story about Matthew Shepard, and what happened to him in 1998. It’s a very thorough article that gets into the entire story. It’s worth re-reading.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act added crimes motivated by the victim’s gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability to the federal hate crime law.

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Controversial Gay Film In India and Censorship; Stephen Colbert’s Sexuality Questioned by CBS Vice President; Serious Medical Scare At Gay Club;

Controversial Gay Film In India and Censorship

This has been trending all week, but I didn’t know much about it until I saw this article. The film’s creators have been fighting a ban in India for 2 and a half years because there’s gay romance.

It’s finally going to be shown this Friday in the state of Kerala.

The movie tells the story of a gay painter, his partner Vishnu, and their activist friend Sia who rejects feminine gender identity. It depicts the trio’s struggle to find space and happiness in a conservative Indian City.

Here’s the rest. It sounds like a fascinating film.

Stephen Colbert’s Sexuality Questioned by CBS Vice President

I see this happen in other places all the time and I always wonder why it’s either overlooked, or, totally laughed off as funny. In fact, the entertainment industry is famous for doing it.

I’m talking about when a straight person insinuates that another straight person is gay, but they are using the word gay as a pejorative, not a compliment.

“He would frequently call Stephen (Colbert) gay because of his seeming inability to interview women well,” a former CBS executive reported. “He would say this in rehearsals, the control room. Sometimes the CBS attorney would even be present, which to me is just shocking that nothing was done.”

Here’s the link I’m not shocked. I see it all the time.

Serious Medical Scare At Gay Club

I hope everyone who was in the club over the weekend finds out about this.

The KitKatClub is one of the most popular nightlife venues in the city, known for its hedonistic atmosphere and wild sex parties.
Unfortunately, it also became the site of a possible meningitis exposure and anyone who stopped by the queer-friendly September 29 event has been warned.

Here’s the link to this one.

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Leonardo da Vinci As A Gay Man; Doctor Who Sprinkled Cocaine On His Penis; Gray-Haired Couple Have Public Sex;

Leonardo da Vinci As A Gay Man

Every year I see Walt Whitman’s birthday trending on Twitter, and every year the straight people on Twitter (Twitter is very heteronormative) ignore the fact that there’s proof he could have been in a long term gay relationship, that his poetry is probably laced with hidden gay references, and that he could have been gay. They whitewash it by ignoring it, as if it never happened. Just the possibility alone seems to freak them out. Some will tell you they don’t like labels…at the expense of gay history and culture. So here’s a link to an article that talks about depicting Leonardo da Vinci as a gay man. We’ve all heard the rumors and heard the stories, but I often see da Vinci whitewashed, too, so this is unique.

“He was a real outsider for those times. He was an illegitimate child, gay, vegetarian and left-handed,” said Eleonora Andreatta, the Head of Drama for RAI, the production company behind the show
Here’s the link.  There are a few good images. 

Doctor Who Sprinkled Cocaine On His Penis

This is a follow up to a story I linked to a while back.

Dr Andreas David Niederbichler is on trial in the city of Magdeburg, in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt following the death of a hairdresser named only as Yvonne M.

Here’s the link. He allegedly did this to other women, too. 

Gray-Haired Couple Have Public Sex

This isn’t just your ordinary public sex, the kind where people take risks but don’t actually get caught. This is outright sex, in public.

Unverified video, purportedly taken in Benidorm, shows the grey-haired woman brazenly pleasuring her partner as they relax on sun loungers.

You can see the video, here. I think it’s SFW. All private parts are blurred and it’s a mainstream tabloid web site. I think a lot of people are into this, more than are willing to admit. 

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NYC Gay Bar and Racism; Jake Choi Is Sexually Fluid; A Tinder-like App For Trans People: TRANSR

NYC Gay Bar and Racism

Here’s a story about something that happened at a gay bar in NYC.

Lopez sparked a huge backlash after describing a flyer for “Manster”–a drag night hosted by popular queen Honey Davenport–as “like we’re promoting black night and I don’t like to get into black rink night people cool get the wrong idea and is not good for the businesses.”

Here’s the rest. The comments are interesting. 

Jake Choi Is Sexually Fluid

Here’s another one who’s claiming to be sexually fluid. Looks more like a promotional piece to me, but he’s damn cute.

Choi, who used to bartend at gay parties before getting his big break in Hollywood, says it wasn’t until he played a gay man in the 2015 film Front Cover that he finally made any clear determinations about his sexual orientation.

Here’s the link. You should really check out the comments with this. It’s a good discussion. 

A Tinder-like App For Trans People: TRANSR

Here’s something I’m sure many will be thrilled to see. It’s a dating/hook up app designed for trans people. I think it’s the first of its kind. 

‘We were inspired to create TRANSDR since Tinder started banning transgender women and Craigslist removed its personals,’ Robert told GSN via email.

You can read the rest, here. 

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Miami Beach A Gay Paradise; Anti-Gay Persecution In Chechnya; Catholic Minister Fired For Liking A Gay Marriage On Facebook

Miami Beach A Gay Paradise

I can remember back in the 90s when South Beach started gaining popularity with the gay community. It was THE place to go. Madonna was there, and so was Versace. My own brother has always gone there. He’s owned homes, and he still does a good deal of business there. But it has changed a little, just like every other place where there was once a huge gay presence.

It’s true, back in the 90’s and 2000’s there more than double the number of gay bars in South Beach. For whatever the reason, likely a combination of being priced out of the city and apps like Grindr discouraging young queers from going out, a number of Miami Beach gay bars have shut down in the past decade.  

Here’s the rest. I’m not familiar with anything in Florida. I prefer Palm Springs, CA and the desert. But the article says there are still plenty of things for gay people to do.

Anti-Gay Persecution In Chechnya

We only get bits and pieces of what’s happening to gay people in Chechnya, so whenever I see something I link to it. This is what’s happening with gay women. I just wish everyone else linked to these articles, too.

Last winter, four young women from this small community were caught, in the basement of the local university, drinking and smoking weed. The police took them into custody. For women to be drinking and smoking in Chechnya was reason enough for their arrest and, likely, for the disgrace that would follow, but in their cases things were going to get even worse. 

The rest is here. It’s an excellent link to The New Yorker.

Catholic Minister Fired For Liking A Gay Marriage On Facebook

I guess they’re policing Facebook status updates now, too.

Keith Kozak was apparently fired from his position as a Catholic minister in Cleveland, Ohio after he liked a photo of gay couple friends on Facebook who were celebrating their five-year anniversary. He also has shared photos in the past of himself attending same-sex weddings of friends. 

Here’s more. From what I gather, a Catholic minister isn’t a priest. It’s not a rank of clergy but they do certain things for the church. If you’re curious, check out the link. I don’t want to get it wrong. And the point behind this is that this poor guy was fired for just liking something on Facebook. 

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