Glendora Hill Series Gay Fiction by Ryan Field; Ian Mckellen’s Vintage Throwback Photos; Weirdest Wildest Gay Hookups; The Queen’s Gay Footman Is Demoted

Glendora Hill Series Gay Fiction by Ryan Field

The other day a reader contacted me about the Glendora Hill series. He wanted to know if there’s a sequence, and how he should read the series.

So I replied that each book is a stand alone and it’s not necessary to read them in any specific order. However, I did mention that I try to move the characters forward in any series I write, and that it might make a slight difference if you read them in the order in which they were written.

So here’s a list of books in the series, in the exact order in which they were written. They’re all on Amazon, and other fine places where books are sold online. But the order in which they were written isn’t always accurate on retail web sites.

1. The Sheriff and the Cowboy

2. Cowboy Christmas Miracle

3. The Preacher’s Husband

4. Too Hard to Handle

5. When a Man Loves a Man

Ian Mckellen’s Vintage Throwback Photos

I love everything there is about Ian Mckellen, so this is fantastic…

Ian McKellen’s Vintage Throwback Pics Have Everyone Swooning Before he was known as Gandalf in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or Magneto in ‘X-Men,’ McKellen was quite the babe — as social media users noticed in the actor’s Twitter posts. He’s basically the hip old gay guy we all aspire to be when we grow up.

You can check this out, here. You’ll like it. 

Weirdest Wildest Gay Hookups

Here’s a link where gay men talk about the weirdest, wildest things they’ve done on gay hookups. It’s from Reddit. If you’re like me and you know nothing about hookup culture, you should find it interesting. 

Another commenter had sex with a job applicant. “Interview[ed] him for a job,” he wrote in his response. “He didn’t get it. Good d—k tho.”

Here’s the link

The Queen’s Gay Footman Is Demoted

This one is hard to figure out. It’s hard to comment. It sounds as if this guy was exploiting himself as openly gay to get publicity. And the Royal Household doesn’t like any publicity like this, gay or straight.

The Queen’s first openly gay footman has quit his role after Royal Household management demoted him for ‘courting publicity’.
Ollie Roberts, 21, made headlines as the Queen Elizabeth II’s first gay footman. The Queen’s Footman travels in the carriage alongside the Queen.

Here’s more

In Their Prime by Ryan Field

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving

Gayest Palm Springs Thanksgiving with the In-laws

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