The Men of Bigger,The Movie; The Bert and Ernie Debate Continues; Grindr and Oklahoma House of Horrors

The Men of Bigger, The Movie

I hadn’t heard about this one until now.

Bigger, which costars Teen Wolf alum Tyler Hoechlin (Joe Weider) and Colton Haynes (Jack LaLanne), tells the story of how brothers Joe and Ben built an empire around the male physique.

You can check it out, here. There’s a trailer. 

The Bert and Ernie Debate Continues

Make no mistake, this goes a lot deeper than just Bert and Ernie. And if you think this is just about 2 puppets, I suggest you read the article in full. 

I love this statement because it’s what I’ve been trying to show throughout my entire career as a gay author. 

As a final thought on the unexpected hysteria over our interview with Saltzman, we offer up this postulation: Bert & Ernie have sex as much as Kermit and Piggy. As with the battle over marriage equality, anti-queer haters still can’t seem to understand that being gay isn’t just about sex, it’s about love—who we’re drawn to, who we want to build a life with, who we want to have in our home.

Here’s more. It’s not just anti-queer haters who do this, I’ve seen very liberal people do it, too. And they’ll tell you about how right they are even when they get it wrong. 

Grindr and Oklahoma House of Horrors

Here’s another disturbing story involving the dating app, Grindr. 

Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma released body cam footage of the place robbers lured men to via the dating app Grindr.
It’s being described as a ‘house of horrors’, according to local news station KFOR. They have the footage as well.
Here’s more. The police are issuing warnings to all people who use dating apps. Frankly, I can’t imagine why I would ever go to a place like the one in the photo with this link. That place alone sends up a red flag. 

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